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A key part of our purpose is to build trust in society. We provide decision makers with information they can depend on and give investors confidence.


In an ever changing world, there's an increasing focus on the total contribution from businesses to their customers, people, suppliers, community and the wider economy. We provide decision makers with information they can trust and give investors confidence.

In Assurance, we use cutting edge, collaborative technology to provide market leading services to our clients, both in person and virtually. We get right to the heart of business. With a continued demand for better corporate governance, accountability and transparency, we work with organisations to identify and manage their risks to best position them for the future.

Join us straight from school or college and you’ll start your journey towards gaining a nationally recognised professional qualification with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) or Accounting Technicians Ireland (ATI). You’ll enjoy on-the-job training and coaching, alongside time out to study for your exams. You’ll have access to the same progression opportunities whether you join straight from school or as a graduate.

What is Assurance?
In Assurance, we get right to the heart of business. We work with organisations to identify and manage their risks to best position them for the future. We do this by getting to know our clients really well, gaining an understanding of the challenges they face by building relationships with the people who experience them day-to-day. We help our clients to better understand their organisations’ culture and performance to help to achieve their true potential.

Our role impacts everyone’s lives and it’s work that really matters. In this constantly evolving environment, Assurance offers you a diverse career working with a wide range of businesses and industries. A career in Assurance gives you opportunity and challenge – we do work longer hours in busy season, and have to be flexible to meet the needs clients - often spending time on site with them.

Working in Assurance, you’ll really get to know your clients, talking to staff – sometimes very senior – to establish what processes and controls are in place around the finances, forming your own opinion of their accounts and making sure they’re in order. The work you’ll do is varied and each client is different, meaning you’ll learn how to think on your feet, present your findings, and build up lots of business skills.
What you'll do
You’ll get the opportunity to work with clients in a range of different industries; projects can range from calculating the value of a football player through to checking how much stock a fashion company has in their warehouse. We help clients make sure they’re sustainable and environmentally friendly, provide business advice to help them achieve their goals, and focus on the total contributions of organisations to their customers, people, suppliers, community and the wider economy. There’s never been a more exciting time to join the profession.

You’ll be part of an audit team that’ll go beyond the obvious and develop real insights into a client’s markets, technology, people and management, as well as its finances.

You’ll also learn to juggle your time to study for your professional chartered accounting qualification. However, you’ll have a lot of support, from your team, people manager and buddy to help you achieve this. It’s the variety and opportunity we offer that allows you to develop a broad range of effective business skills and enables our people to excel across the breadth of work Assurance offers and further on in their careers.
Is Assurance right for you?
Assurance is much more than working with numbers. If you enjoy meeting new people, have an inquisitive nature and want to understand all aspects of how an organisation works, we think you’ll love working in Assurance. Our industry is constantly changing and evolving, so we always have to be on the ball to keep track of new legislation and regulations. This makes for a really exciting and varied career.
What you'll need
  • An analytical, investigative mind and a keen eye for detail

  • You must also be good at working with other people and building strong relationships

  • 112 UCAS tariff or equivalent - minimum requirements, plus a grade 4 or above in GCSE English Language and Mathematics (or equivalent) for school and college leaver roles
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    A career in Assurance

    Daniel shares what it's like working in External Audit and Risk Assurance


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    PwC is a great place to work, with exposure to large clients, it offers a huge amount of variety. There is the opportunity to work in teams with plenty of like minded people as well as the chance to study for the ACA qualification. You work and study alongside your graduate intake which provides a good platform for the future and friends for life.

    Thomas ICAEW award winnerAssurance Milton Keynes

    The regions are at the heart of our growth strategy and represent some of the most dynamic and resilient parts of our business.

    Growth in the economy, improvements in Technology and regained trust in business has meant more activity across our network and the executive board plans to double our regional footprint over the next five years. This means unprecedented career opportunities to help our clients tackle complex business problems and social challenges across the private, government and public sectors.  In fact, two thirds of our clients are served by our regional offices – that’s over 9100 clients!

    Joining a regional office means an opportunity to work within centres of expertise across the country, with global household names, and businesses celebrated in their home towns. You’ll have a varied portfolio to build the breadth of your experience and you’ll develop key leadership skills as you work towards promotion. So whether you decide to work in London, or the regions, you’ll have access to some of the best opportunities and clients on offer.

    To learn more about our regional footprint, do visit our regional webpages.



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