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Most things in life change. And the world of business is no exception. Governments change. Exchange rates change. Technology changes. Competition changes.

Consulting helps our clients meet their goals by understanding them, listening to them and helping them work out how they could make a few changes of their own – whether they want to grow, help their people to learn new skills or improve the way they do things.

As a Management Consultant, you’ll come up with answers to all sorts of important business questions. Like what makes the world’s leading brands so successful that customers are happy to pay a premium and keep coming back? How can businesses, their suppliers and networks operate in an environmentally friendly way? How can they make sure their staff feel happy at work?



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You’ll help clients look at things in new ways, make suggestions and change things when needed. And as every client is different, the work is really varied and projects can last from a few days to a few years.

Our consultants have the opportunity to work on projects for our own business too. Amongst other things, they keep us up to speed with the latest business developments and provide the systems that support the complex work we do.

We’ll support you to study for a nationally recognised professional qualification whilst you are learning.

We want people who can be themselves as well as having the skills we look for.

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