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Business Risk and Controls

The world is becoming increasingly complex, technology is disrupting almost every aspect of how organisations operate and the pace of change is unprecedented.

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Working in Business Risk and Controls as a Graduate

Organisations have to be more aware of, and responsive to, the risks and opportunities facing them. In the initial years of the Business Risk and Controls pathway, you'll be deeply involved in understanding and assessing a client’s business processes - both operational, regulatory and financial. This will include their IT environment and supply chain, identifying and reviewing the risks and controls, and providing recommendations to further enhance their design and operation.

The Business Risk and Controls experience

You'll be part of a practice that among other services deals with corporate governance, internal audit, business resilience, commercial, financial and reporting risk and controls, major capital projects, regulatory compliance and key business drivers such as marketing spend and effectiveness. You’ll balance your time between delivering governance, risk advisory, and controls testing & improvement projects. You’ll develop in-depth core business advisory skills and understanding of different control frameworks through exposure to a variety of businesses and industries, from large multinationals and government departments to new and growing businesses.

You'll work in teams with a culture of support and development. You’ll benefit from working alongside highly experienced professionals and gain insight into how organisations operate. You’ll build your own professional disciplines and expertise in risk management and operational effectiveness meaning you will be able to help organisations to meet their strategic and operational goals.

Joining as a graduate

Alongside our internal training offerings, you’ll gain a blend of commercial, technical, financial and data experiences working with iconic clients from either  Financial Services or Commercial & Government industry sectors. In some teams you may get the opportunity to specialise in an industry from early in your career, however most of our joiners will work across multiple sectors from the beginning. 

You’ll quickly develop your communication skills and business acumen through interaction with a wide range of stakeholders at client sites, where you’ll be sharing results of your work and recommendations.

As part of the Business Risk and Controls pathway, you’ll be at the spearhead of developing technologies, learning how to utilise these as part of the projects you work on including process mining and data wrangling.

​You'll also be studying towards your Chartered Accountancy qualification​ with the option to review whether you wish to continue your studies after the first year. This will be in addition to benefiting from a training programme created by our learning and development specialists.

Life in Business Risk and Controls

The culture of Business Risk and Controls is people-centric; there is a great focus on leveraging what makes the individual unique in order to get the most out of everyone’s talents.

Across our teams you’re encouraged to be open and inventive, which makes our associates feel comfortable and respected when voicing ideas. There’s a high emphasis on mentorship, ensuring you grow and develop consistently throughout your career. 

We aim to ensure that you’ll gain a breadth of experience across a range of different public and private sector clients and your interests and abilities are kept in mind, so you can be sure to work in teams that you can contribute your best and develop your skills at every turn. There’s a high level of flexibility throughout the work we do, and you’ll be given the freedom to take on new tasks to challenge yourself. Within your first few months, if you feel comfortable, you’ll be given the opportunity to coordinate and lead meetings, representing the firm and your team.

The future of Business Risk and Controls

The world is changing and Business Risk and Controls is at the forefront, embracing a range of technologies to ensure that we can deliver efficiently, generate value and provide insight to our clients.

You’ll be part of deploying solutions from pioneering Internal Audit tools to applications enabling us to provide insight to clients on how their Risk Management processes compare to their peers.

You’ll also have the opportunity to support our risk transformation teams developing innovative technology based solutions to solve the problems our clients face. What’s more, you’ll be able to join a number of technology communities deploying problem-centric thinking and driving awareness and upskilling of the different technologies that we have developed.