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Rolling Recruitment

Please note, for most of our graduate and undergraduate programmes, we recruit on a rolling basis, which means when our roles open, they will fill up on a first come first served basis. If the vacancy you’ve applied for fills up before you’ve completed the application process, we will offer you the opportunity to consider another vacancy with us* and you’ll be asked to demonstrate why you would like to move to the new role. If successful you’ll continue through the application process from your current position.

We are aware that there are providers selling guidance and assistance on how to complete our recruitment assessments. We have no relationship with and do not endorse any of those providers. Our PwC Careers page offers access to hints and tips on our process, opportunities to sign up to events to find out more and talk to our recruiters. We encourage applicants to use these channels available. Please also be advised that we conduct periodic reviews of applications to identify any fradulent candidates or activity. 


Deadline driven recruitment

If the programme you’ve applied for has a deadline, you must submit your application by 11pm on this date for it to be considered. We take the highest performing candidates through from each stage of the application process and we do not offer the option to transfer if you are unsuccessful. You will need to then wait until 6 months after you first applied to make another application, per our application policy.

*subject to availability and academic criteria.