Training and development

To succeed you'll take personal responsibility for managing your career

When you join, we’ll expect you to take personal responsibility for managing your career. Think of it as a deal.

Your part of the deal needs you to be flexible and work hard, often to tight deadlines with long hours. You’ll need to be proactive in building your networks and relationships, which is often a route on to interesting work and projects. Our side of the deal provides you with the tools and teams who can support and encourage you. Here you’ll see an outline of how to progress to Manager in five years.


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What will you be getting involved in during your first year with us

What will you be getting involved in during second year with us

What will you be getting involved in during your third year with us

What will you be getting involved in during fourth year with us

What will you be getting involved in during fifth year with us

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Your development

Remember, a Professional Qualification opens up a world of possibilities. It requires lots of hard work and dedication on your part. But invest the time and effort now, and the extra knowledge, self-confidence and personal credibility you’ll gain once you’ve completed your training will pay huge long-term dividends. We’ll financially support you through your exams and help you prepare fully with study and exam leave.

Plus you’ll enjoy widespread support along the way – from expert tutors and a dedicated Professional Qualifications Team, as well as your career coach and peers. Longer term, you may have the opportunity to try new things too. You might work in different teams and offices; sample different clients and projects; try out new roles and even other business areas. It will all help you progress in line with your personal goals as well as our ever-changing business needs.


Training you'll receive

In your first two to three years you’ll focus on getting a good balance of business, personal and technical skills. For many, working towards a professional qualification will be part of your technical skills training. You may experience different methods of learning, as we appreciate that people like to learn using different techniques, and benefit from the flexibility this brings. 

Methods range from classroom courses, e-learning and remote study supported by online learning tools, all are designed to help you build the skills and knowledge you need to pass your exams on your first attempt. It’s worth knowing, we have excellent pass rates, usually well above the Professional bodies pass rates. We understand working towards a professional qualification is a significant commitment and requires self-discipline and motivation. 

This is why we make sure you’ll have access to a dedicated Professional Qualifications Team, and have access to a strong support network which will include - external tutors, your career coach, buddies and your peers. All of them will be familiar with what you’re going through, as they’ve experienced it as well.


Coaching you'll receive

Everyone is different, and we’ll make sure you have the support, guidance and advice you need. You’ll start having constructive and informative, one-to-one conversations about your development goals early. Your first will be with your career coach during your induction. You’ll also have a buddy to help you settle in during your first few weeks; and a partner or director mentor to boost your understanding of both us, and your longer-term opportunities.

We pride ourselves on making sure our people continuously give and get, constructive, focused feedback, and you’ll too. We’ll encourage you to sum up your performance first, and then get the views of others, which you then evaluate with your career coach, to set goals and objectives. The aim is to help you learn from, and build on your experiences, and the experiences of others. It works both ways too. You’ll regularly be asked to give feedback on the people you work with as part of their appraisal.