First five years at PwC

To succeed at PwC, you need to take personal responsibility for managing your career.


Our training programmes are underpinned by a learning environment that broadens and deepens your knowledge, and stresses the relative importance of learning from doing, learning from others and formal training.

Our learning culture is based on the ‘70:20:10’ principle. Put simply; 70% of our learning comes from the work we do, 20% from the guidance we receive from others and 10% from formal, including classroom, style learning.

Your five-year development plan will be packed with challenge and variety. And at every stage you’ll have our total support as you drive your career forward to meet your professional goals. These might include promotion, working in another team, industry, or business area, or a move to a different office or even country. And with the support of our dedicated internal Careers Service, whatever your aspirations, we’ll help you progress and reach your full potential.


  • Year


    Associate 1

    Graduate induction event and skills day

    Technical training to allow you to develop all of the skills you need to be a PwC Professional (including studying for a professional qualification *)

    Business unit or specialism rotation*

  • Year


    Associate 2

    Business, technical and skills training including studying for a professional qualification*

    Coaching new joiners and begin their ‘buddy’

    Long-term career planning support through our intrenal careers service

    Starting to personalise your career path - helping you understand how skills relate to other oportunities within PwC.

  • Year


    Senior Associate 1

    Attitude leadership and development programme

    Building technical and specialist skills, suppoted by on - the - job training

    Completion of professional qualification*

    Internal mobility oppourtunities advertised through our ‘Transfer Window’ programme

  • Year


    Senior Associate 2

    Altitude leadership and development programme

    Internal, client, external and overseas mobility opportunities advertised

    Business area rotations*

    Personalised career path according to your career aspirations

    Further developing your technical and specialist skills

  • Year



    Promotion to manager grade (depending on performance)

    Leading and developing terms

    Participation on emerging leaders programme (optional)

    Internal, external and overseas mobility opourtunities

    Continuing to develop technical and specialist skills according to your future career aspirations

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