Females of the future

A day-long programme designed to help you build your confidence and resilience skills, find out what’s important to you for your future career, and help you learn more about PwC and the opportunities we offer

We’ve launched our Females of the Future programme to help inspire and support you whilst navigating potential career opportunities. The programme is a one-day event held at a PwC office and is open to anyone, regardless of gender.

It will be a fun day of activities with guest speakers, a tasty lunch and the opportunity to ask lots of questions in a supportive environment. You’ll be inspired by our leaders, we’ll help you develop your confidence and resilience, understand your skills and values, and how these relate to your career of choice. We'll be breaking down some of the myths around assessments, and giving you the opportunity to practice in a friendly and supportive environment. Finally, we’ll share with you our focus on diversity and why it matters to us.

If you like what you see and feel the culture at PwC is a good fit for you, then you may want to consider work experience with us on our undergraduate programmes*; but that decision is over to you.

To be eligible for the programme, you’ll need to be in your first or second year of university**, come with an open mind, and plenty of enthusiasm and passion.

*In Northern Ireland, this would lead to a place on our Talent Academy.

** Including grade C or above in Maths and English at GCSE. If you're a student in Scotland, this programme is open to Second and Third year students.