Graduate work placements

The decisions you make about your career are some of the toughest. Base them on knowledge, not just instinct. Get first-hand experience of our business on our graduate work placement programme.

On a graduate work placement you’ll gain valuable experience at the heart of our business.

If you’re serious about exploring a career in professional services, this is an opportunity to develop your understanding about what we do and how we do it. Lasting between six and eleven months, this programme will help you to make the right decision about your future. Do well and you could be offered a permanent graduate job.


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Flexible Associate

As a Flexible Associate, you could find yourself working in any one of our business areas; Assurance, Consulting, Tax or Deals.

Depending on business need, you may find yourself dedicated to one area, investing time delivering on a longer term project. Alternatively, you could see yourself working on multiple projects across multiple areas, offering your expertise for shorter periods of time. Either way, you’ll be joining high performing team's on this key strategic programme where your knowledge and skills will have the greatest impact.

Even if it’s a particularly busy time in the area that you are deployed in, we’ll still ensure you have the opportunity to explore different parts of our business during our dedicated ‘explore the firm weeks’ across the ten months of your programme.

What you'll do
A graduate work placement gives you an opportunity to get ten months practical work experience with us. Upon joining us, you’ll have an induction into PwC and then you’ll jump straight into the role to learn through on-the-job training, as well as weeks of technical training and study towards becoming a Chartered Accountant. This learning and study approach gives you a real feel for the work we do, both in theory and in practice. The placement runs from September 2018 to the end of June 2019, you'll have an early opportunity in November 2018 to apply for a fast tracked partner interview for a graduate programme although this is not guaranteed as it is a competitive process. All of this involves an intense but rewarding first few months with us but if successful in your application and interview, you could join us on our graduate programme commencing in Autumn 2019.
Who can apply
The Flexible Associate Scheme is for those with a real passion for client service – as the role is driven by the need to support our clients where and when they need it most. You’ll be based in one of our London or Midland offices’ but, with your skill-set, you could be in high demand anywhere! Depending on the project you’re assigned to - you'll need to work in other locations across the UK, which is a great opportunity to experience our regional practices. All of this means we’re looking for resilient, intelligent graduates who are able to be agile, open minded, flexible in their working style and, above all, quick to learn.

You need the same academic qualifications, skills and qualities that we look for with joiners onto our graduate programme. What’s more, the work placement gives you more flexibility around the way you join us, providing an opportunity for you to understand the culture of PwC and see different areas of the firm. The work placement is a great opportunity if you’re keen to build in some travelling time before starting your full-time career. You’ll have enough time following the work placement to go travelling or do some voluntary work. Whatever your plans, if you’ve already taken the first steps in your career on a graduate work placement, you’ll have added job security, more experience and, of course, healthier finances.
Training and development
You'll study towards the Chartered certificate in Finance, Business and Accounting (CFAB) with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW). The CFAB is your first step to becoming a Chartered Accountant and you should be prepared to take the first three of these exams in October. The exams are a compulsory part of the scheme.
What we look for
  • Be on course for a 2:1 in any degree discipline
  • IT

    Supporting the world’s leading technology enabled professional services network requires an agile and diverse team of technology professionals. You’ll experience working as part of a dynamic team responsible for the technologies we use ourselves and those we provide to our clients.We offer a unique perspective of how technology is used across all our business areas and provide an excellent environment for you to explore, develop and learn.

    What you'll do
    You’ll undertake a series of assignments within Internal Technology contributing to the delivery of projects and services to our business teams:
    Business Enablement
    We deliver over 200 IT projects a year of differing size and complexity. You will be part of a team overseeing those projects are effectively managed from inception to delivery.
    Project Management
    Operate as a project manager taking on planning, status reporting, risk and issue tracking. You’ll also have the opportunity to work alongside business analysts and test managers helping to develop strategies, requirements and documentation.
    Operational Excellence
    To ensure a smooth transition to the operational teams responsible for monitoring and maintaining IT products and services, you’ll help assess support readiness, user feedback and identify service improvements.
    Research emerging technologies, develop prototypes and minimum viable products alongside a solution architect working on a complex, innovative project.
    Data Intelligence
    Gain practical experience of data extraction and transformation tools, working with business leads to develop insightful analytical reports and data visualisations.
    What we look for
  • To be on course for a 2:1 or above in any degree subject
  • Agile, flexible mentality and great relationship skills
  • Marketing

    This large, fast-paced team covers a wide range of critical business activities within PwC; from event management, corporate hospitality, research, strategic marketing (proposition development and campaigns), through to business development, proposal support and key account management.

    Sales and Marketing Team (SMT) are focussed on supporting the development and implementation of our market strategy - specifically, driving revenue growth, enhancing relationships and networks, and therefore creating a distinctive brand experience. This exciting work placement provides the opportunity to work within a market-leading professional services organisation. 

    What you'll do
    During your placement you will be working in two of the teams in the IT department and you will have various responsibilities including those illustrated below:
    • Service Delivery. Ensuring that all IT project work is effectively and efficiently managed from inception to delivery, with 1) Responsibility for the delivery of smaller projects and 2) Working with the Projects team in an oversight capacity for large and complex projects.
    • Projects. 1) Working alongside a Project Manager assisting in the delivery of one or more larger projects through maintaining project plans, status update, risks and issues logs. 2) Assisting Business Analysts with the preparation of documentation, requirements analysis and/or the coordination of user acceptance testing. 3) Working with testers overseeing testing from third parties and preparing test strategies.
    • Technology, Design and Architecture (TDA). 1) Supporting the IT architect working on complex projects through researching new technologies, and reviewing/writing technical documentation. 2) Developing prototypes and minimum viable products to support innovation.
    • Operations. 1) Participating in projects to ensure Operations is ready to support what the project delivers, 2) Working alongside suppliers to assess opportunities for CSI (Continuous Service Improvement) and 3) Obtaining customer feedback via meetings surveys or other means.
    • Data Intelligence. 1) Gain practical experience of data extraction and transformation tools and approaches. 2) Work with business leaders to develop new analytical reports with them using a range of data visualisation and analytical tools.
    • We will look to offer you experience across different teams, to give you a broad experience of working in IT. In addition, you will be expected to participate in broader IT department-wide activities such as reverse mentoring senior people within IT and improving how we deliver IT to our business.
    What we look for
  • To be on course for a 2:1 or above in any degree subject
  • Equally important will be your intellect, willingness to learn, ability to build relationships, put yourself in others’ shoes, while always making a positive impact with our clients and each other.
  • Strategy Consulting

    We are the strategy consulting business at the heart of the world’s leading professional services organisation. We are one of the top three strategy consultancies globally, bringing the very best strategic thinking to help clients solve their toughest problems, and build the differentiating capabilities they need to outperform their competitors. 

    Clients are increasingly demanding practical strategies – therefore the impact of combining our strategy specialists with the wider organisation’s industry and functional expertise and global reach is profound.We offer clients an unrivalled ability to deliver a strategy-through execution proposition. 

    What you'll do
    Strategyand is a global team of practical strategists, working with leading institutions to help them win in the market. As part of the PwC network, we offer unrivalled access to industry and functional expertise.

    Our clients cover a broad spectrum of businesses and institutions, ranging from the largest and most respected brands to leading private equity clients investing in young, disruptive and fast growing companies.

    We provide our clients with dynamic, practical strategies, and the strength and scale of the PwC network means that we are able to connect them with more industry and functional expertise than any other strategy firm to drive even greater impact – at the same time this global network gives endless new opportunities to our people.
    Who can apply
    We look for a rare combination of razor-sharp intellectual ability, commercial awareness, analytical skills, flexibility, teamwork, and the confidence and credibility to present your opinions to senior clients.
    Training and development
    We have a fast-paced and strong learning culture, where support and working as a team are critical. We get great feedback from our clients who enjoy working with our people, and we think you will too. We believe creating a stretching and supportive, team-focused culture gets the best from our people and gets the best results for our clients. With fast progression and opportunities both in the UK and overseas we can offer you a really exciting start to your career. Join us, and you will lead the future of strategy consulting.
    What we look for
    This isn’t a routine 9-to-5 job. Rigour and curiosity are vital if you’re to tackle the issues that keep business leaders up at night. You’ll be highly motivated and ambitious. Someone who is hungry for early responsibility, client interaction, and the opportunity to make a difference from day one.

    We also look for people who bring something more to our work than their academic credentials. Like the self-discipline and team working skills that stem from a sporting background; or leadership qualities gained through work experience. The ability to speak more than one language is another big plus.


    The tax landscape is constantly changing. Your knowledge will help high-profile organisations, entrepreneurs and family businesses understand complex rules and make informed decisions with significant impacts. 

    You’ll also help governments ensure the efficient operation of tax systems and use your insight to solve long-term problems. Over 3,500 tax experts work in many key areas and you’ll be part of a business that’s proactively engaging in the tax policy debate and focused on leading views and new ideas. Our people need to be flexible and ready to build strong relationships, networks and leadership skills. Our expertise covers every conceivable area of taxation. 

    What you'll do
    There are a few ways you can join us. On a six month or 11 month work placement. Maybe you want to go travelling or do some voluntary work after a six month placement. Or maybe you'll stay and work with us for the whole 11 months.

    On our graduate work placement you get stuck into client work almost straight away:
  • Induction to learn about PwC and the way we do things
  • On-the-job learning and support to keep you focused on your development
  • Coaching and support from your personal career buddy
  • You won’t study for the ACA during this work placement, so you can focus 100% on client work
  • You’ll mainly be office based, with some occasional travel to clients as needed
  • Opportunities are available in London
  • Who can apply
    You must be serious about a career in Tax with PwC. So you should have the same academic qualifications, skills and qualities needed for our Tax graduate programme.
    Training and development
    There's flexibility in the length of your contract, ranging from 6 to 11 months. We’ll agree the exact duration with you once you’ve joined us and you’ve had the chance to settle in.
  • A deep understanding of the work we do in Tax
  • Do well and you could be offered a full-time job on our our graduate training programme the following September
  • Financial support to start your ACA exam training when joining on the graduate programme
  • What we look for
  • Be on course for, or have achieved, a 2:1 in any degree discipline