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We're the leading advisor to the Government and Public Sector across External Audit engagements.

What makes us stand out is our specialist focus on Government and Public Sector clients, helping them rise to the challenge of the current economy, and make a real difference to the public services relied on by everyone. Our clients include Central Government, Local Government, Housing, Health, Charities and Education bodies.

Is Government and Public Sector Audit right for you?

There have been major cuts to departments’ resource budgets and there remains huge pressure on the public purse, meanwhile economic growth is sought through major capital projects. Departments are having to do more with less and the challenge is only going to increase with implementation of the latest Spending Review. 

Central Government departments are large and complicated organisations. There is a need from departments for the broad range of audit services we provide, and we have helped some of the largest departments find solutions to some of their most complex problems. It's challenging work, receiving the highest public scrutiny, and hugely rewarding. 

Local government is the sphere of government that is closest to people; we all need local services delivered by local authorities in our daily lives. They support all of us to varying degrees on an ongoing basis, for example they make sure we're educated, provide ongoing health and social care support, provide housing and benefits to those in need, collect our waste, control development in our local areas and make sure we all have access to parks, open spaces and leisure facilities. Nowhere else is there such a diverse range of activities delivered by a single organisation. And given the pressure on local authority budgets, they are looking not just for methods of reducing costs, but for ways to transform the way they provide basic services to the public. 

We work with many of the local authorities and housing associations across the UK, offering a broad range of audit services and linking up with teams from across PwC to ensure we deliver the value our clients need. 


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What you'll do

On our External Audit programme, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and industries. If you spend time in the Public Sector team, you’ll use your analytical skills to get maximum value out of taxpayers’ money. You’ll experience how varied our work is as well as our clients which we believe it makes for a truly rewarding career. 

We also publish newsletters, blogs and articles, and give tailored advice and training to clients to keep them up to speed with the latest developments in accounting and corporate governance. The sheer variety is what attracts many people to Government and Public Sector Audit. 

You’ll work mainly at client locations and away from home. You could be part of a large audit team, helping to check that a client’s accounts are true and fair or reviewing the operation of key control systems. At times you might take sole responsibility for seeing a job through from planning and execution to the final written report. It’ll be challenging. But we’ll be right behind you and we’re confident you’ll find it both rewarding and career-enhancing. 

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What you'll gain

Your role in External Audit will also provide you with the opportunity to study towards the Chartered Accountant (ACA) qualification.

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What you'll need

You'll need to have or be on course for a 2.1 degree or above in any subject. 

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