Teach First

We're proud to have been a Teach First partner since 2009

We recognise that spending two years teaching at a school in challenging circumstances will prepare you for anything that a career with us could throw at you.

We're proud to have been a Teach First partner since 2009 and offer summer internships for Teach First trainees and ambassadors.

About Teach First

Teach First gives you a unique opportunity to transform the lives of young people. The link between low family income and low educational attainment is greater in the UK than in almost any other developed country. Teach First believes this can change. An independent charity and an increasingly powerful movement for social change, Teach First works to drive up educational standards and raise aspirations in schools in low income communities.

Teach First’s two-year Training Programme harnesses the enthusiasm and drive of outstanding graduates and experienced professionals. It provides you with the skills, experience and opportunities needed to become inspiring teachers and leaders in the classroom and beyond. There are huge benefits all round. Teach First and its partner schools gain the enthusiasm and expertise of exceptionally skilled graduates. You develop many of the skills you need to become a future leader, whether that be in education, or a business like PwC.

We offer a Summer Internship for those who are currently on, or have completed, the Teach First Training Programme.

Summer Projects 2017 Video - PwC from Teach First on Vimeo.

The Teach First Summer Internship* is a three-week paid placement with PwC

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2:1 degree in any subject

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