Channel Islands

You may not realise it but we have offices across the British Isles. You could join us in Guernsey or Jersey. Find out more about the offices and the opportunities to start your career with us, it will give you plenty to think about.



Guernsey is an idyllic place to live offering countless sandy beaches, beautiful cliffs and a vibrant alfresco dining and bar culture, all within minutes of the office.

The island, recognised as an internationally renowned finance centre of excellence, is conveniently located for both business and leisure, 75 miles from the English coast, and just 30 miles off the French coast. Guernsey airport services has flights to and from many cities in the UK and Europe, with the flight to Gatwick taking around 40 minutes. Quick ferry links make the journey to Portsmouth in around four hours and to the French port of St Malo in around an hour.

The island is British crown dependency, but run independently by The States of Guernsey, with UK Government being constitutionally responsible for its defence and international representation.

The island has been self governing since 1204. The legislature of the island is called 'The States of Guernsey'. The States comprises of The Bailiff who is President of the Assembly, The Lieutenant-Governor, 45 Deputies, with the Policy Council made up of 10 deputies and ministers, The Dean of Guernsey, The Attorney General and The Solicitor General.

The island holds great history in its French heritage, dating back to the 10th Century when it formed part of Normandy. This is apparent in most street and road names, in the laws and especially in the surnames of local people.

The Culture and Leisure department services a wide range of activities, varying from the outstanding sporting facilities at Beau Sejour which is often the venue for many inter-island and international events, to the informative and diverse museums and arts centres showcasing local and international talent.

Health services are well facilitated and accessible and the education service is highly regarded, supporting all aspects of learning within the community, from nursery level through to adult education for all levels and abilities.

With low tax, low crime and low pollution, Guernsey is an appealing and secure place to build a successful career whilst still being able to take full advantage of a healthy work/life balance.




Jersey, recognised as an internationally renowned finance centre of excellence, is the most southerly island of the British Isles and is packed with picturesque beauty, rugged landscapes and rare wildlife. This means you can get away from it all in just a few minutes at the end of every working day.

If you really want a change of scenery, popping over to France on the ferry will take just under an hour. Jersey's moderate climate makes lazy days on the beach, early morning surfing, water sports and fishing and alfresco dining an everyday part of island culture for much of the year.

Sport is also a big part of island culture and our sports people have a regular presence on the European stage, as well as competing for the Island Games and Commonwealth Games. In fact, most recently, during the first week of July, Jersey did a fantastic job hosting the Island Games 2015, welcoming 24 islands from around the world to our shores to compete in 14 different highly competitive sports. Large numbers from the community also participate in the island's October marathon and annual charity forty eight mile gruelling round the island walk in June.

Though now much reduced in size, the island still has a farming industry, most famous for 'Jersey Royal' potatoes, but diversifying to meet new market demands. Restaurants take advantage of a wide range of locally grown, often organic produce and freshly caught seafood. Jersey offers world class cuisine, with several restaurants holding Michelin Stars.

The island is divided into 12 parishes, each of which is presided over by an elected Connétable (Constable), who deals with issues relating to civil matters, and a Rector who oversees ecclesiastical affairs.

The island has been self-governing since 1204. The legislature of the island is called 'The States of Jersey', members of which are elected by the population. The States comprises The Bailiff who is President of the Assembly, The Lieutenant-Governor, 8 Senators, The Constables of the 12 parishes, 29 Deputies, The Dean of Jersey, The Attorney General and The Solicitor General.

Rural lanes are littered with 'honesty box' vegetable stalls, indicative of the rare safety found within the community, just one of the many factors that make Jersey an excellent location for bringing up families. Other factors include excellent health services and an education service that delivers some of the top exam pass rates in the UK.


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