Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is situated in the heart of the British Isles.


The Island is an internally self-governing dependent territory of the British Crown and is not part of the United Kingdom.

Tynwald, the Island’s 1,000 year old Parliament, is responsible for setting legislation and laws of the Isle of Man based on the principles of English common law which are shared by most Commonwealth countries. Tynwald also oversees all internal administration, fiscal and social policies.

The Island has its own income tax and customs and excise services and is an established low tax jurisdiction enjoying total independence from the UK on matters of direct taxation. There is low corporate and personal tax and no capital transfer or inheritance tax. If you fancy a change of scenery, we are only thirty minutes away by plane from four of the UK’s most prominent cities which boasts culture, entertainment and an energising social life.

The Isle of Man’s economy has been steadily growing over the past thirty years and this is mainly due to the investment made by the Manx Government to market and promote the Island and as a consequence, the Island has developed into a flourishing and internationally respected offshore business centre.


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