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Video transcript: Phillippa O’Connor, National Leader, Reward and Employment Practice


Greater ESG accountability is crucial.

Ultimately it can help drive positive change.

And while it’s easy to say businesses should be making those changes anyway, accountability helps in many ways.

It raises the conversation about the need for change, both internally and externally.

It helps business leaders show that they are serious.

It sends a message to employees, recruits, customers and suppliers.

And it encourages other organisations to look at their commitments, and progress.

So it’s all the more important that organisations get this right.

They must apply rigour to calibrating and setting these targets.

None of these issues can be fixed in a year, or even within a few years, and so companies need to set targets which drive year-on-year progress towards greater long-term goals.

These targets must create a credible trajectory for current and future CEOs to drive.

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