Strategic Partnerships: The Real Deal?

According to PwC's 12th Annual Global CEO Survey, over 75% of CEOs rated partnerships as 'important' or 'critical' to their business in the TMT sector.

But, capital is scarce, management is under pressure and high quality talent is in short supply. Difficult economic conditions compel those involved to 'close the deal' as quickly as they can.

Whatever people say, experience of partnerships is often mixed. How often do partnerships take longer to negotiate and become more difficult to implement than expected? Why do they look great on paper but rarely deliver in practice? Why are strategic objectives forgotten in the heat of 'battle'? It's time for a rethink.

From strategic planning and structuring, to negotiating and implementing partnerships, PwC's new paper "Strategic Partnerships: The Real Deal?" identifies the most common issues and pitfalls in the TMT sector (which are also applicable across other industries), sets out a framework for structuring partnerships and sets out 10 questions to help you make your strategic partnership successful.