Video transctipt: UK CEOs on developing the right toolkit to stay competitive


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Pravesh Davdra
Co-Founder and CEO, Xendpay

Since we began, we’ve had a culture where we want to grow employees through the business. So, we have taken on internships, people that have started as interns and have grown in the role. I think that the things that really motivate people to join us, don’t end up being the salaries, it’s about what could they be part of. What are we trying to create here, you know, the cultural value; we do a lot of things for the staff and the employees that encourages togetherness.

Melissa Snover
Managing Director, The Magic Candy Factory

When we go out looking for talent, whether it be 3-D Designers, Marketing Assistants, Accounting Interns, we get a humongous response from the local community; and setting up the business here in Birmingham was not by accident, I did that because there are three universities within 10 miles of where we are sat right now that have 3-D Printing Degree Programs. So, we are really spoilt for choice and very lucky for that.

Jonathan Warburton
Chairman, Warburtons

If we are going to try and attract and develop the best quality senior management or junior management, who are non-family, they have to believe that they’ve been given a fair chance. One of the privileges of having your name over the door is, you can afford to surround yourself with people who are much better than you, and so, because, you know, you are not threatened by that.

So, creating the right culture and the right environment for the next generation to be able to come in, confident they have got experience, and confident they can add value, is exactly what we are trying to do.

Surinder Arora
Founder and Chairman, Arora Group

The biggest joy I can get personally is when we actually bring youngsters through with nothing, but they have got the biggest qualification in my mind, which is common sense, commitment, and willing. Then we want to put our effort into those youngsters, and actually help them grow with us.

Roy MacGregor
Founder and Chairman, Global Energy Group

I think it’s the investment in people, and I think it’s the investment in them as individuals, not only in their work environment, but in their family environment, and in their social environment.

We mentor them, we encourage them, and we want to make sure that we don’t miss any talent that is within the business. An organisational development department is a really critical part of the board thinking.

So, in essence, I am saying that entrepreneurial culture and that development of people will actually determine whether this business is successful or not.

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