Joerg Ruetschi

Deal Value Architect, PwC United Kingdom

What I enjoy most about my job is solving complex problems. I’ve spent more than 15 years working in international finance, and was originally trained in asset management at Invesco. After completing a PhD in Finance, I spent more than ten years in investment banking between the Swiss Capital Group and Goldman Sachs International with a focus on investment, risk and capital management solutions. I came to PwC in July 2015 as part of the Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company) team and have been operating within Deals since.

My principal clients are major international banks based in Europe such as Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse or RBS, supporting them to restructure and reposition their businesses across strategic advice, transactions and operational change. Restructuring may start out as a way to solve an immediate  issue, but it always presents an opportunity to make an organisation fit for the future; streamlining and improve its businesses and operations. The job covers the whole range of advisory work, from input on strategy development to M&A execution.

The process always starts with the ‘investment hypothesis’, and that’s all about value: defining it, protecting it, and creating it. You start by defining the company’s strategic direction, identifying what’s core and non-core, and determining where to focus people and resources for maximum growth. Once you have that agenda in place you can see where acquisitions or disposals might play a role.

The second strand of my work is in the FinTech sector, supporting both the smaller operators who are using technology to break into the Financial Services market, and the more established players, who need to adapt to the disruptive impact of those innovations. In Financial Services, growth has always been driven by new technology, both in terms of new products for customers, and new ways to operate more efficiently, and it’s the latter that interests me the most.

The Deals Architect role allows me to use my skills to best effect, and get involved in transactions from end to end: from the strategic rationale right through to execution. I particularly enjoy the hands-on operational implementation phase, as this wasn’t something I was less involved in while working in banking.

I think the multidisciplinary approach we’re taking is absolutely crucial. Complex problems demand many different skills, from strategic, financial, to technical, communications, and people management. There are always many different factors in play, and you have to understand how they interact, and what impact any specific change will have. Between us, the Deals Architects have all the experience and expertise our clients need.

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