John Davis

Director, PwC United Kingdom

John is a chartered accountant specialising in the financial and quantum aspects of International Arbitration and Commercial disputes with wide ranging experience of assisting corporate clients and their legal advisors. His expertise includes general financial investigation, quantum in relation to contractual disputes and valuation issues and intellectual property issues. John's experience covers both High Court and International Arbitration matters.

Highlights of John’s experience include:

  • Quantification of lost profits and determination of a reasonable royalty in a claim for damages arising from the infringement of a patent in the offshore oil and gas industry.
  • Preparation of expert evidence to the Copyright Tribunal dealing with the determination of an appropriate royalty rate and royalty rate structure for copying extracts from academic textbooks.
  • Quantification of lost profits claim for an arbitral tribunal following the termination of a concession agreement to operate an airport.
  • Quantification of loss following a failed joint venture transaction in the speciality chemicals industry for an arbitral tribunal.
  • Preparation of expert evidence assessing the financial position of an aluminium smelting operation in one of the largest and most complex pieces of cross border litigation to come before the High Court.

Principal industry sector experience:

  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Technology

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  • Forensic services disputes