Dr Paul Robertson

Director for PwC's Global Crisis Centre

Paul is the Director of  Crisis and Continuity for PwC UK and is the UK Territory Leader for the Global Crisis Centre. His team are responsible for a range of services within the Enterprise Resilience proposition including crisis response, crisis capability building, crisis readiness, major programme management, corporate resilience, emergency operations, command and control, business continuity and emergent risk.  

Recent work has focused on ensuring that clients gain the benefit of robust and effective  leadership and management both in preparation and response to major incidents. Working within multiple sectors of industry and across the world Paul has been part of preparation and response to a wide variety of major events; from natural catastrophe to health scares and pandemics up to, and including, terrorism, conflict and geopolitical tensions. 

As a result of his client involvement and previous experience Paul plays an integral role within the executive team of many of his clients as a trusted advisor and crisis management subject matter expert.

His work has been recognised with three industry awards over the years and Paul plays an active role in developing the industry as a noted speaker and media commentator on disaster, risk and crisis issues. Paul holds a PhD in Strategic Risk and a BSc. in International Disaster Engineering and Management.