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Prinal Nathwani

Prinal Nathwani

Senior Manager, PwC United Kingdom

Prinal has close to eight years experience in handling indirect tax disputes. Prinal deals regularly with HMRC solicitors and tax officers, and has extensive experience of HMRC's approach to dispute resolution and the issues that can arise with dispute resolution processes. Prinal regularly works with clients seeking to use HMRC's internal review procedures and, if unsuccessful, lodging appeals in the UK Tax Tribunal/Court system and progressing litigation at all stages of the court structure.

Prinal has previously worked on a project analysing VAT legislation, policies and procedures across the EU-28 and has also been involved in developing material/training for colleagues in countries introducing GST/VAT.


  • PwC worked with the EU to analyse VAT legislation, policies and procedures across the EU-28, highlighting challenges and areas of further investigation for the EU
  • The Indirect Tax Disputes team currently has 3 cases proceeding through the Court of Justice of the European Union, seeking guidance on untested areas of EU law
  • The team has experience of the Scottish legal system as well as that of England and Wales, with litigation proceeding through the Scottish Tax Tribunal
  • Over 10 of the team's cases are currently proceeding to litigation through the UK Court/Tribunal system, with each at different stages of the process and covering VAT and environmental taxes
  • PwC utilises the tax decision review system and non-statutory clearance system extensively for clients, and has experience of achieving resolution for clients through this system  


  • Disputes (Tax)