Juan Crosby

Juan Crosby

Partner, NewLaw, PwC United Kingdom

Juan co-leads our NewLaw team and is an Australian qualified lawyer with more than 15 years’ international experience at 2 top 10 international law firms in Sydney and London prior to joining PwC in 2015. He has received a number of industry awards including the Global Sourcing Association’s Advisor of the Year.

Juan advises Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 law departments on strategy, operating model, workflow design, legal automation and technology roadmaps to optimise legal functions from a capability, effectiveness and cost perspective to support future needs and challenges.

He is also a lead partner in the design, implementation and running of our global managed service engagements where we provide a cost-effective and technology enabled solution to support recurring legal activities using our global delivery centres.


  • Sourcing and Technology