Manage your data confidently and effectively

Our Data Assurance propositions help illuminate your performance risk, controls, compliance and data quality issues and opportunities.

Take a look through our short videos to see how our propositions can help you and your business manage your data effectively.

Data Governance

For confidence and trust in your data you need the right data governance in place. Richard Petley, Data Governance Lead at PwC talks through the issues you may be facing and how we, at PwC, can make sure effective data governance is at the heart of your business.


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Process Assurance and Risk Analytics

Using data effectively can make the difference between success and failure. Andy Howe, Process Assurance and Analytics Lead at PwC talks through how with Process Assurance and Risk Analytics we can use your data to provide the evidence and confidence to help you make better and informed decisions for your business.

Intelligent Data Framework

It's important to effectively integrate and standardise your business data. Adrian Hughes, Director at PwC, outlines how PwC's Intelligent Data Framework could help you and your business.

Management Information Confidence 

With no shortage of data in today's business environment Adrian Hughes, Director at PwC, explains how confidence in your data is key to success. Are you asking the right questions?

Social media Governance

With the explosion of data created through social media, it is fast becoming one of the most essential tools a business can have. PwC's Phil Mennie, social media governance leader, talks through how PwC can help your business create a tailored approach to your social media strategy.

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