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UK Digital IQ 2017

Bringing perspective to help companies approach digital

What is Digital IQ all about?

“Digital” is all-encompassing today - more than a synonym for technology, it’s become a catch-all label for the next-generation economy, company, and leader. But this new ideal doesn’t come with a clear path forward or yardstick to gauge success, leaving organisations struggling to reinvent themselves. Digital IQ brings perspective to help companies approach digital.

We have been conducting Digital IQ since 2007. This year more than 2,200 senior business and IT executives from 53 countries and more than 30 industry segments were surveyed.

This is the UK story, where we received over 200 responses, including samples from the public sector, industrial manufacturing, financial services, and retail and consumer industries.

The UK focus

In the years we’ve measured Digital IQ - the rough measurement of an organisation’s abilities to harness and profit from technology - we’ve seen that companies are struggling to keep up with the pace of change, even as they have focused on improving digital capabilities.

Having said that, this year the data presents a positive story for the UK against its global peers in a number of areas. There is a clear UK ambition to improve digital capabilities and investment in emerging technologies. Read on as we explore and provide insights in three key areas: Leadership and goals; Approaches to Emerging technology and The human factor.


What’s on the minds of senior business and IT executives?

Here are just a few of the UK highlights, summarised in three key areas:

Leadership and goals
  • UK executives rate the Digital IQ of their senior management highly
  • Leadership changes are on the horizon; Chief Digital Officer (CDO) appointments are likely to grow
Approaches to emerging technology
  • 43% are devoting more than one-fifth of their technology budget to emerging technologies, unsurprisingly Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence rank highest
  • UK companies are less likely than others to look outside the organisation for new ideas, but they are more likely to have a dedicated innovation group than their global peers
The human factor
  • UK companies boast higher skill levels in areas such as cybersecurity, digital strategy and planning, and in evaluating emerging technology, than their global peers
  • Executives in the UK may underestimate employee concerns about new technologies

Download our two page UK country focus for further insights and statistics on the UK’s digital standing against its European and Global peers, along with our industry insights.

Wider insights from the Global Digital IQ report

What's the bigger picture?

In isolation the UK appears to be taking the right steps to harness and profit from digital ways of working and technology. In this next section we will look at the broader insights from the global Digital IQ report using survey data collected over the last 10 years.

How can company leaders be expected to consistently unlock value from digital investments in a rapidly advancing world? The answer is at once simple and infinitely complex: Focus on the human experience.

Despite notable advances by company leaders across the globe, in some ways they are no better equipped to handle the changes coming their way than they were in 2007. Organisations aren’t so much falling behind as struggling to keep up with accelerating standards. And looking ahead, it is clear most are not ready for what comes next - and after that, and after that - as technologies continue to combine and advance, and new ways of doing business go from inception to disruption seemingly overnight.

How can companies unlock value?

Companies need to rethink how they define and deliver digital initiatives, considering employee and customer interactions at every step of the way, investing in training and culture, and much more.

The global report considers ‘Why Digital IQ is a moving target’, ‘People Power: Why human experience matters’ and ‘Emerging technology - Next-generation digital’. For each of these sections the report provides practical considerations for your business. Download the full report.

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