Disrupting Utilities

Is it anyone’s game?

A potential revolution for the utilities industry is being led by advancements in smart home technology, real time data becoming available and evolving customer expectations. In a sector that is becoming increasingly digital, distributed and personalised, the door is wide open for truly innovative companies.

What do your customers really want now?

Do consumers understand the potential of smart energy products to ease their busy lives and reduce their energy bills? We surveyed over 2,000 UK households to find out.

Our research shows that 72% of people are unlikely to introduce smart home technology in the next two to five years. Nevertheless, of those who already own a smart device, the impact in the day to day running of their homes is significant.

We believe this is because many customers still don’t really understand the range of smart energy products on offer, but that much like the adoption of smart phones and other smart technology - momentum will build at an accelerating pace rather than subside.

The results provide insight for companies to understand what consumers want and how to take advantage of the ‘Internet of Things’ energy revolution in the home. View our key findings and meet the smart home consumer personas that emerged from our survey.

Are customers interested in purchasing smart home technology? 72% of people say they are unlikely to introduce smart home technology in the next 2-5 years.

What does the disruption mean for….?

Disruption in the Power & Utilities industry has repercussions across many areas and affects multiple stakeholders. We have started to explore some of these impacts through a series of videos and blogs. What will be the impact on climate change, fuel poverty and communities? How will investment in capital projects and technology be affected and what are the cyber security challenges? 

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The Smart Energy Business Revolution

We surveyed over 500 UK businesses to understand their investment decisions in smart technology and the message was clear: utilities currently hold the power in the Smart Business Revolution and can take advantage of new revenue opportunities.

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The Connected Home 2.0 - what do your customers really want now?

As the digital revolution advances, consumer attitudes, beliefs and intentions have continued to evolve. We explore how companies must reimagine the possible to stay ahead in the connected home.

Against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving world, we surveyed over 2,000 consumers to understand their views and intentions to adopt technologies that have the potential to revolutionise the way we live within our homes.

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Capturing value from disruption

Technology and innovation in an era of energy transformation


The five global shifts reshaping the world we live in. 

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