Business Risk Review consultation - how should cooperative compliance work?

Date: Monday 20 November 2017

Time: 15:00 - 15:45 (GMT)

Webcast overview

Following the recent issuing of the Business Risk Review (BRR) consultation by HMRC, we are hosting a live webcast with HMRC on Monday 20 November to discuss the topics raised by the consultation.

The BRR consultation, called Large Business Compliance - enhancing our risk assessment approach, asks for views on how a refreshed BRR approach could provide greater confidence and clarity for large businesses while providing information needed by HMRC to maintain a shift in compliance behaviour.

In this live webcast we will explore the increased prominence of the tax control framework (TCF) concept, its role in the BRR consultation and alignment with the tax strategy requirement. We'll also discuss the SAO regime, banking code of conduct and Know Your Customer in the UK. TCF has received a lot of focus at the OECD level and as we move towards increased real time reporting we expect the drive towards "justified trust" to continue.

Our panel of PwC experts will be joined by guest speaker Jo Wakeman, Large Business Director at HMRC. As well as a debate on the issues raised by the consultation, you will get the opportunity to ask questions to our panel in a live Q&A. 


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