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Summer 2020

Fit for the future - the role of Internal Audit in creating a resilient and sustainable business

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that businesses will have to adapt and evolve their strategy and operating model to survive and to thrive. For some, this will be about capturing the benefits from changes in working practices; for others the shift may be more fundamental.

It's hard to predict even a few days ahead at the moment, let alone a few months, but looking to July, where will organisations have got to on their journey out of lockdown? How will their business priorities and strategies have changed and how resilient will they be to ongoing operational and economic uncertainty?

Internal Audit has a key role to play in helping create a resilient and sustainable business that has adapted to the impacts of COVID-19.

In this session we will explore:
  • The key operational risks and issues caused by COVID-19, focusing on the six critical areas where there is likely to be an ongoing change in risk profile - workforce, real estate, financial situation, customers, supply chain, new technologies/cyber.
  • The role of Internal Audit in building organisational resilience.
  • How Internal Audit can seize the opportunity to become more agile and responsive, deploying relevant and tech-enabled audit activity and building a stronger, 'future fit' function that is a true business partner.

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