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‘Back to the office?’ How to create a hybrid model that works for everybody

Our recent webcast ‘Back to the office?’ How to create a hybrid model that works for everybody, explored the task of transforming your workforce and workplaces and creating a hybrid strategy that creates value for your people, your organisation and society.

Kevin Ellis, Chairman and Senior Partner of PwC UK, discussed how PwC is tackling this issue and was joined by Victoria Robinson, Hybrid Workforce Strategy & Culture, PwC UK, who explained the complexities, consequences and ongoing considerations for hybrid transformation. Chairing the discussion was Prasun Shah, Human Sciences and Future of Work Technology Leader, PwC UK.

This evolving issue will have a significant impact on organisations and society, from levelling up, equality and wellbeing to economic growth. And as businesses embrace hybrid, they must also consider many connected issues, across areas such as finance, HR, risk, tax and technology.

This webcast arms you with insights to progress your own hybrid strategy, navigate disruption, reimagine your workplaces, empower your people and unite your whole organisation.

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Victoria Robinson

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