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This forum beings together project leaders from a range of sectors to network with peers and experts to debate challenges that they face in their roles. We bring a range of speakers, from industry, academia and related institutions to discuss how to deal effectively with issues you face and share trends.

‘I thought it was an excellent event and provided me with the right amount of thought provoking ideas.’

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"Employee recruitment and development tend to focus strongly on technical skills, and less on 'softer' skills that can be equally vital to the success of major projects"

Paul Youster, Director

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"Its been said that what the industry may need is iconic leaders in the mould of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, or thinking back a few years, Brunel"

Jonathan Roe, Director

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"The industry has a great opportunity to take its world class talents and apply them to its own dynamics and operating model"

Neil Broadhead, Partner

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