Assurance archive

Non-compliance with laws and regulations


The International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA) has issued a ‘re-exposure’ of proposals on how professional accountants should respond to non-compliance with laws and regulations (NOCLAR).

New proposals aimed at improving audit quality and transparency


The US Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) has released two consultations: a concept release on audit quality indicators (AQI), and a supplementary request on the PCAOB’s earlier proposals regarding the disclosure of the engagement partner and information on other participants in the audit.

Expanded audit reports are a hit


New style audit reports are enhancing the understanding of audit and confidence in financial statements.

The auditing of disclosures


Enhancements to International Standards are placing more focus on the auditing of disclosures.

Annual reports to get more auditor scrutiny


The IAASB has asked auditors to do more work when reviewing the annual report, drawing on all their knowledge gained during the audit.

IAASB sets its forward agenda


Over the next few years, international auditing standard setter the IAASB plans to look at both current and emerging audit and assurance issues.

PIOB challenges global approach to going concern


Going concern: is the story over yet?

New global auditor reporting model follows the UK lead


New international auditing standards will transform auditor reporting worldwide.

Comfort call


Is there demand for assurance on corporate reporting beyond the financial statements?

EU adopts ISAs at last


EU adoption of ISAs as issued by the IAASB is finally happening. It's an important step for international consistency as not all countries have yet adopted in their national standards

EU audit reform update


Highly likely that new EU audit market legislation will be introduced later this year. But no provisions will be binding until mid-2016. Significant areas of ambiguity remain.

IAASB consults on its future strategy and work plan


The IAASB is seeking views on its proposed strategic direction and work programme. In 2015-2016, the IAASB intends to focus on quality control, professional scepticism and special audit considerations relevant to financial institutions. The board will also continue to give priority to completing its project on auditor reporting this year

Competition Commission: redraft expected


In mid-January, the CC announced a revised timetable for the implementation of its remedies to allow time to consider the implications of the EU's proposals. We expect a redraft of the Orders to be issued for consultation in Q3 2014

EU audit reform: agreement on draft legislation


The EU has agreed draft legislation that’s likely to be effective in May 2014. Mandatory audit firm rotation and restrictions on non-audit services will be required. It’s important for business to support the UK government and the FRC with sensible implementation of the options in the legislation.

Should auditors comment on going concern in their report?


Going concern is a theme in FRC, IAASB and EU audit proposals. Optimal solution is for auditors’ statement to be complementary to preparers’ explanation (FRC).

Audit reporting: international developments


IAASB and US PCAOB consultations now closed. Remarkable consistency between different models – all add information value to users UK materiality and group scoping disclosures are not required in other models. AASB standard expected Q3 2014 – will UK align?

Competition Commission – ten year tendering 'sensible solution'


FTSE 350 companies must put their statutory audit engagement out to tender at least every 10 years 10 year re-tendering receives positive response from most Commission rules out mandatory firm rotation, joint auditing and restrictions on non-audit services.

International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) and US Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (US PCAOB) consult on audit report proposals


EDs envisage a more bespoke and informative auditor’s report. Both encourage experimentation to ‘test’ the key audit matters

EU audit reform – views still diverging


Council of Ministers continue to deliberate EU audit reforms. Wide divergence of views on key issues. Limited opportunity to express views through member state representatives.

Competition Commission proposals: broadly positive, but concerns remain


Debate about statutory audit services at a critical stage CC says new measures will ‘ensure shareholders are better served by a more competitive market’ PwC supports many proposals but has concerns about cost/benefits of some. Competition Commission final report expected 20 October 2013

Positive developments in the EU


ECON and JURI voted on EC’s proposals – 7-year MFR rejected. Final parliamentary report and vote unlikely before end of 2013.

The auditor’s report of the future is starting to take shape


FRC has confirmed significant changes to auditor's reports with updated ISA 700, applicable from 1 October 2012. Investors and others reacted positively to more insight. EC, IAASB, US PCAOB proposals expected – stay tuned. Consider how audit committees’ and auditor reports will change.

New UK GAAP is here


Entities currently applying UK GAAP have a choice of EU IFRS, IFRS with reduced disclosures or new UK GAAP. Consider an impact assessment and whether to early adopt

European proposals for audit reform


MEPs views differ on proposals for audit reform. Proposals include: mandatory firm rotation and closer alignment with international ethical standards. Pace of decision making remains slow.

FRC to adopt improved ISA on internal audit


Improvements make the framework more robust for using the work of internal auditors. FRC proposes to rule out direct use of internal audit staff. Comments due by 12 April 2013

Competition Commission: provisional findings on audit


The provisional findings have identified issues with the audit market and the CC have proposed possible remedies. Comment deadline for remedies 18 March 2013 and provisional findings 21 March 2013.

FRC brings new dimension to the auditor reporting debate


The FRC’s consultation focuses on what could be included in the audit about the audit process itself. If adopted, changes would be effective in Q4 2013. Consultation ends 30 April 2013.

FRC plan and budget 2013/2014


Levies will rise an average of 8.5% to enable action on it s 6 priority projects. Comment due by 29 March 2013

IAASB framework for audit quality


The IAASB aims to encourage people to explore ways to improve audit quality with support from all reporting stakeholders. Consultation is likely to inform FRC refinements to its framework. Comment deadline is 15 May 2013.

Commission investigation report due


Competition Commission consultation expected in Jan, If no remedies needed, final report expected in March.