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Stepping Up: How finance functions are transforming to drive business results

PwC's seventh finance effectiveness benchmark study (2017) explores what sets top performing finance functions apart. Benchmark data from almost 600 projects and interviews with 10 senior finance and business leaders have been compiled to draw out best practice across the industry.

Breaking away: Finance effectiveness benchmark study 2015

Breaking away is our sixth finance effectiveness benchmark study exploring what sets top performing finance functions apart. What does leading performance look like, and how do they react and respond to market changes?

Unlocking Potential: Finance effectiveness benchmark study 2013

Unlocking potential is our fifth annual benchmark report and outlines the latest findings of our analysis of more than 200 companies that have participated in benchmarking projects.

Close Cycle Report 2013: rankings for the 2013 R2R external reporting process

This report provides an analysis of the speed with which over 500 of the world’s largest companies report year end results to the stock market, known as the speed of close.

Closing the gap in performance management

This report explores the priorities that Finance functions see ahead in terms of managing performance to deliver financial objectives and to ensure that profitability is sustainable in the future.

Finance Function of the Future

In this paper we explore the potential future direction of finance - not through predictions or setting out what we believe the vision to be but by revisiting some of the key principles upon which finance and accounting were founded and looking at how these principles may shape the future of finance.

Putting your business on the front foot: Annual benchmarking report 2012

Putting your business on the front foot is based on detailed data from benchmark assignments in more than 200 client organisations, including leading global groups. The backdrop to the report is financial teams' increasingly crucial role in strategic decision making as well as managing risk and uncertainty.

The future of reporting - discussion notes from UK100 Group Financial Controllers' Forum

Following the launch of the draft International Framework by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) in April, many organisations will be asking exactly how this process will shape the future of their external reporting and whether IR really is the future. We explore the benefits and challenges for companies that engage in new thinking about their internal and external business information and reporting

The great debate: What does the future of finance look like?

The world has changed. The questions organisations face, have changed. But finance has stayed relatively static in organisation and process. What does the future of finance look like? and what can you do to evolve your finance function to meet these new challenges?

Board radar: Scanning what's ahead that will affect your business

It can be a challenge for business to keep abreast of developments in reporting, tax, pensions, capital markets, corporate governance, sustainability, assurance and remuneration.Our quarterly update highlights what management needs to think about, where the board might want to comment or engage with policy makers, and what actions to consider.

Trust through transparency: What does your reporting say about you?

This publication provides trends, views and tips on how public trust can be built and retained through relevant and insightful reporting. It can help you assess your current reporting and be smarter in your future reporting.

Direct and Indirect Tax

It can be a challenge for business to keep abreast of UK and global tax developments. Board radar is our quarterly update highlighting what's on the minds of regulators, government and others.

Tell the whole tax story

CFOs tell us that tax issues are the top threat to business growth in today’s economy

Board radar: Scanning what's ahead that will affect your business

It can be a challenge for business to keep abreast of developments in reporting, tax, pensions, capital markets, corporate governance, sustainability, assurance and remuneration.Our quarterly update highlights what management needs to think about, where the board might want to comment or engage with policy makers, and what actions to consider.

Total Tax Contribution Report

In the aftermath of the financial crisis and recession, how has the economic climate and changes in tax legislation affected the total tax contribution of The Hundred Group?

Private Business Magazine

This newsletter is published three times a year and brings you the news, interviews and hot topics your private company needs to know about.

Treasury Insights: Cutting the cost of banking in Finance operations

Many businesses have the opportunity to save up to 25% of their bank expenditure. We can help you understand what could be preventing your organisation from saving money and how much you can potentially save.

Tax in Business: how do you know your organisation is paying the "right" amount of tax?

Customers, government authorities, non-governmental organisations – stakeholders in the widest sense – want to know more about your company’s tax affairs and expect the ‘right’ amount of tax to be paid and reported. How can you meet these new expectations whilst maintaining focus on your company’s tax needs?

Treasury Insights: Is Financial risk at the top of your agenda?

This article outlines a more informed and proactive approach to managing corporate financial exposures beyond the reactive approach employed by many.

Transfer Pricing: Providing support for a number of Transfer Pricing challenges

In the current economic and regulatory climate, transfer pricing implementation requires more attention than ever before. It’s no longer simply an issue for finance and tax teams and includes a range of other stakeholders.

Transfer Pricing: How we can provide support for a number of Transfer Pricing challenges

We have dedicated teams across the world comprising professionals in economics, accounting, and tax law. This combination of experience enables us to develop innovative approaches to transfer pricing issues and challenges

In the debt markets update: Market conditions ripen for M&A deals

With markets seemingly convinced that Euro concerns are behind us, 2013 has seen the return of larger market merger and acquisition (M&A) deal activity. We provide a CEO and CFO summary of these current market conditions.

Deals 100 day priorities: the CFO's expanding role in deals

The Chief Financial Officer has a challenging agenda throughout the deal process with a number of roles. This article explores the 100 day priorities of a Finance leader before, during and after a deal cycle and also sets out ‘must do’ activities that can keep people at the heart of the deal.

Profitable growth in the digital age

Digital technology has transformed the scope, scale and potential of business over the last decade. And those that have harnessed its potential have achieved greater returns and higher engagement with their customers.

Unleash your growth potential

The ‘new normal’ of weak economic growth and heightened volatility is redefining how CEOs should think about profitable growth. It’s still the biggest driver of value in a business – and although it’s becoming harder to achieve, there are significant opportunities that still haven’t been explored to their full potential.

Global Innovation Survey - UK highlights

UK results of our Global Innovation survey – Management teams must embrace innovation to grow.

The power of pricing: How to make an impact on the bottom line

Our pricing survey was designed to gather views from a diverse range of global organisations on their approaches to pricing

Social media: the future of customer relationships

In this publication, you can learn about the significance of the paradigm shift to social media, the implications it has for businesses, and how to get started and maintain momentum.

Making sure a good deal delivers

Capturing value in a merger or acquisition is a significant challenge for growth-minded companies.

A deal-maker's guide to growth economies

For many UK companies doing deals in growth markets remains incredibly challenging. We have carried out an assessment of over 200 deals, and interviewed 20 senior deal makers who have bought businesses in growth markets to understand the root causes of problems, and how they overcame the challenges encountered.

Leading from the front: Finance in the public sector – from aspiration to action

The report, the 5th in the series, identifies how the finance function manages itself in the public sector, how this differs from private sector comparisons and how, over the last five years, finance directors have demonstrated a real desire to improve the performance and capability of their functions.

Improve business reporting

CEO’s are increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of management information and performance reporting. The ability to make quick and confident decisions at each level in the business to enhance earnings is constrained by reports and management information that take too much time and effort to produce. Information often provides inconsistent views of performance and gives little insight on the metrics that really matter.

Closing the gap in performance management

This report was commissioned to explore the priorities that Finance functions see ahead in terms of managing performance to deliver the financial objectives that their companies have promised to stakeholders, and to ensure that profitability is sustainable in the future.

Performance visibility...wishful thinking?

Do you have the business insight you need to make the right decisions? Our analysis shows you how.

Predict outcomes with analytics

Businesses the world over know how tough it is to achieve their aspirations for innovation and growth. The performance of so many CEOs is based on new products, territories and customers, to the point that reviewing past performance is becoming less relevant and executives are unlikely to find inspiration or be able to predict future outcomes for how this might be achieved in the traditional board report.

Integrate Business Plans

Satisfaction with the quality and speed of creating organisational plans continues to remain a big issue for organisations. There has been a huge investment on leading practises, technology enablement and the time devoted to planning activities across an organisation. Yet this has not yielded the results.

Stay ahead with the right operating model

Changes in the regulatory, economic and commercial environment mean that companies are increasingly operating across many countries and regions. This brings many challenges but it also present companies with an opportunity to re-think how they structure their business to respond to these challenges.

Connecting the dots globally

Does your value chain and operating model help you be successful across borders? Our analysis shows you how.

Create value from support functions

In the current environment, organisations are under increased pressure to improve operational efficiency. As a result, support functions such as IT, Finance, HR, Procurement, Facilities and Customer services are under pressure to improve their overall contribution. In short, they must deliver what the organisation values whilst improving service and keeping costs down.

Elsevier: Transforming finance services delivery

Elsevier had decided to further develop their shared services, and asked us to help select an offshore outsourcing partner to join their global finance services function. They were looking for benefits beyond simply cost reduction, aiming for a cultural change and to invest in their retained staff. This case study shows how we supported them in selecting a partner that has helped them evolve from operating at third quartile performance levels to a finance services function aiming for the top.

Balfour Beatty: Transforming service performance

Our presentation on the ‘Art of the Possible’ inspired Balfour Beatty’s senior management to transform their business support services. It took just 16 months of us working with Balfour Beatty to launch a Customer Support Centre in Newcastle, fitted and staffed from scratch with more than 300 new employees supporting half of its UK operating companies and turnover. This initiative, along with parallel technology and supply chain programmes will deliver initial estimated savings of £30 million.

Adecco Group: People supporting success

This case study tells the story of how we helped Adecco Group measure and track overall performance. This led to increased productivity, as well as motivated staff who are able to continually develop and deliver more efficient ways of working throughout the whole business.

Diageo: A decade of business services transformation

Following an extended period of growth, Diageo were experiencing a rising level of varied financial processes and technologies in place. To combat this, the Finance team wanted to consolidate standard processes to increase efficiency. This idea evolved into Shared services, and Diageo created a hybrid Shared services model combining internal service centres with outsourced services. This has evolved over the past nine years leading Diageo to not only reduce costs, but also have enhanced business controls and compliance.

Superficial v Strategic

What kind of cost savings are you making? Our analysis shows how to reduce cost strategically.

Create savings that last

Outlines how businesses can reduce cost strategically, the benefits and success stories.

The truth about costs

Our publication 'Truth about costs' takes a fresh look at cost, based on our experience of working with executive and management boards across the UK.

Remove complexity

To stay competitive and be successful, we’re helping companies remove complexity so they are able to adapt and change to new market opportunities and operate at a lower cost. This viewpoint paper explores the challenges facing organisations today, gives an overview of our approach and the benefits of removing complexity.

Fact vs Fiction

The results of our analysis showing the true picture of an organisation's activities versus what their customers value.

The Agile Council

Becoming an agile council is about being change-ready – being able to respond to a complex and ever-changing environment. Our Talking Points publication, The Agile Council, discusses why creating an “agile” council model is critical to the current and future success of any local authority. We look at the environment councils are operating in and set out five steps to becoming an agile organisation.

Transfer pricing requirements around the world

International Transfer Pricing 2013/14, is an easy-to-use reference guide covering a range of transfer pricing issues around the world. It explains why it is vital for every company to have a coherent transfer pricing policy which is responsive to the rapidly changing markets in which they operate.

How does your business model add value? and will it in 2020?

Our World Watch paper explains why clear information and reporting on your business model is the first step to making it fit for the future, and asks "Does yours add value? And will it in 2020?".

Creating post-transaction customer value

The digitization of consumption offers a new opportunity for brands to create new types of value of their customers after the sale of a product or service.This has far reaching implications for how organizations must shape their value propositions, run their operations, and engage with their customers and partners.

16th Annual Global CEO Survey

Our Annual Global CEO Survey, now in its sixteenth year, aims to inform and stimulate the debate on how businesses are facing today’s challenge

Global Economy Watch

2013 will be the year when we start to see how the world economy will look for the rest of the century. It will be the year when businesses recognise beyond any doubt that global growth and commodity prices are now driven primarily by developments in China and India, not the US and Europe.

World Watch

Our regular newsletter, World Watch, contains opinion articles, case studies and worldwide news on the many initiatives to improve corporate reporting.

Breakthrough innovation and growth

Our groundbreaking global study shows a deep correlation between innovation and breakthrough growth for all businesses. Learn the secrets of the most innovative companies.

Global Working Capital Annual Review 2013

Our latest global working capital annual review shows that working capital levels have deteriorated (increased) year on year by almost 2% globally, a trend that is reflected across all industry sectors.

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