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Climate change - the next emerging risk for your business?

  • Responding to the TCFD's recommendations.

Climate talks highlight fault lines between rich and poor countries

  • Progress made in building trust between countries in latest round of UN climate negotiations.

Paris climate summit update: ambitious national targets

  • Both the EU and US will need to step up decarbonisation efforts to achieve their emissions targets.

Do CEOs care about the climate?

  • Many CEOs may still consider climate change a long-term risk, but a fresh global agreement could give it a new short-term focus.

CEOs wade into climate debate

  • Achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 would be a tough target, but energy businesses endorse the development of new business strategies and a strong carbon price.

Providing the bigger picture

  • A new European Directive will require some extra disclosures on non-financial and diversity information.

Time to review carbon policies

  • The New York climate summit should trigger action to review your position on carbon risks.

The business of changing demographics

  • 60% of CEOs put demographic shifts in their top three megatrends that will transform their business in the next 5 years
  • 52% of CEOs are concerned about shifts in consumer spending and behaviour
  • 82% of CEOs agree that improving workforce and board diversity is important for their business

World Forum: natural capital accounting

  • Forum addressed natural capital issues across: the financial sector, corporate supply chains, primary industries and infrastructure, and collaborative frameworks
  • Increasing agreement on the need to properly value environmental assets and impacts
  • Natural capital thinking expected to permeate quickly through company management and reporting over next few years

Carbon reporting: now mandatory

  • Changes to the Companies Act came into effect 1 October 2013
  • New regulations mean the inclusion of extra reporting within the front half of the annual report
  • Companies must also meet minimum requirements in their carbon reporting

UN climate change conference: increasing risk for companies

  • Timetable set for global agreement on climate change in two years’ time
  • Governments expected to finalise their emission reduction targets by March 2015
  • Majority of FTSE 100 emissions now originate outside the UK
  • At current rate, global emissions will blow the century’s total carbon budget by 2034

Climate change impacts – study calls for new solutions

  • New study shows climate change impacts could represent bigger threat than opportunity for British business
  • Companies must take action to assess their level of risk
  • UK investment abroad means UK investors are directly exposed to climate change threats overseas
  • UK’s adaptive capacity to climate change could increase its future attractiveness to investors

GRI launches G4: it’s all about relevance

  • Updated sustainability framework focuses on materiality
  • Comply or explain approach to disclosure
  • MoU signed on how to work together to ‘transform corporate reporting’

GRI and IIRC cement a proactive partnership

  • MoU signed on how to work together to ‘transform corporate reporting’

Future carbon market policy uncertain

  • Business face patchwork of climate regulation over coming years
  • Other price signals may become more significant than carbon credits

UK energy market - decarbonisation

  • An ‘early day motion’ including a decarbonisation target in the Energy Bill was tabled in February
  • Business should ask government for clear policy to enable investment planning

Many companies file the wrong CRC data

  • CRC league table delayed by wrongly filed data. No table next year, but there will be aggregated energy use and emissions data.
  • Business should manage carbon impact and ask for clarity from government to facilitate this.

Payment for ecosystem services

  • PES policies are likely to have a significant impact on business.
  • Business needs to understand the types of ecosystems that it depends on to mitigate risk and comply with future regulation

Mandatory Carbon Reporting

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions regulations will be introduced in April 2013
  • Business will need to consider quality of data & systems

2050 zero waste target set for Wales

  • Wales has 8 years of landfill space left and aims to recycle 70% of its waste by 2025 - similar targets will become widespread
  • Business should consider how their business model will change

Input wanted on post-2015 agenda

  • Business can get involved in several ways with the initiatives set up to develop the post 2015 UN Millennium Development Goals

Doha gateway: milestone not landmark

  • Government extended Kyoto Protocol and set milestones for 2015
  • Uncertainty highlights need to build resilience to climate and policy shocks