Tomorrow's healthcare today: digital webcast series

This webcast series will explore how digital is impacting the health and pharmaceuticals environment. The series will include panels of industry experts on topics such as trusted data, privacy, cyber security, Blockchain and data analytics.

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The future of patient records

With health and social care integration a priority, and the ongoing mergers of health providers, patient record ownership and security is becoming increasingly complex. Our expert panel will discuss the current trends and future challenges, the role of the patient in managing their own data, the impact and opportunities for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, and how the cyber-attack in May is changing the data protection landscape.

No longer science fiction: AI and Robotics defining health

In this live webcast our expert panel will discuss the emergence and increasing use of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) within health and how this is redrawing the care landscape. The wave of innovations being driven by these technologies is not only transforming clinical decision-making, patient monitoring and care, and surgical support, but fundamentally changing how we approach healthcare for our populations.

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Why the health and pharmaceutical industry can’t ignore Blockchain. 

In the second edition of our digital series, our panel unravelled the complexities of the Blockchain technology. They discussed the opportunities to address fundamental challenges and issues to revolutionise the health and pharmaceutical industry. Is Blockchain the sought after solution for securely sharing medical records, could it be used to tackle counterfeit drugs, or improve the productivity of drug development? What are the implications for the UK healthcare infrastructure and how can global pharma firms drive value and trust?

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Brian Pomering (Health Consulting Lead Partner) chaired our expert panel: Johnathon Marshall (Pharma & Life Sciences Consulting Partner), James Macpherson (Health Consulting Director) and Patrick Spens (Blockchain Technical Director).

Cyber Security, Privacy and GDPR: The impact across health and pharma. 

In this webcast, the panel explores the impact of the recent Caldicott report across the health industry, how the onerous changes presented by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will change care provision and management, and the legal requirements and implications on data privacy.

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Brian Pomering (Health Consulting Lead) chairs the panel, Andi Scott (Healthcare Cyber Assurance), David Cook (PwC Legal) and James Rashleigh (Cyber Assurance). 

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