Meeting the challenges of the crisis in Ukraine

The imposition of financial sanctions in respect of the crisis in Ukraine is causing many to re-evaluate their approach to financial sanctions.

Paul Robertson is joined by Ben Luddington and David Whitehouse as they have a short discussion on the impact of sanctions in Ukraine, from a financial and trade perspective.



The on-going crisis in Ukraine poses a number of challenges for businesses invested in the region. Not least of these issues is the rapid pace of change both on the ground and in the nature and extent of the regulatory responses adopted by the EU and US and the uncertainty which that creates.

Our team have the expertise of former government regulators and industry leaders with extensive experience in effectively addressing a variety of sanctions compliance needs. They can help you in all aspects of international trade compliance – from assessing and managing compliance risk, to compliance support and integrating compliance into daily work and value streams. We’re also highly experienced in advising financial services companies on how to navigate the complexities of multijurisdictional sanctions regimes.

We’ve helped our clients to:

  • Manage the challenges of sanctions compliance with proactive reviews of policies, procedure and systems
  • Respond to suspected sanctions breaches
  • Respond to the strategic risks arising from the evolving crisis
  • Identify and respond to the practical and operational issues faced

Read our paper or watch the short video above to help you understand the current and potential exposure to the crisis in Ukraine and how to manage operational and practical issues, such as risk.