The Future of Audit

The audit matters, and it needs to evolve. That’s the message we’ve heard around the country as we opened up a public discussion on the future of audit. As a profession, we are at a watershed moment, and at PwC, we recognise the need for change if we are to be sufficiently responsive to the evolving needs of stakeholders and re-establish trust in the quality of the audit.

Here we share what we heard, alongside our assessment of where change could be most usefully made.

Kevin Ellis, Senior Partner

Kevin Ellis, Senior Partner

Kevin shares how we have opened up the debate on the future of audit, what we have heard and what we think needs to happen next.

Duration: 00:00:53

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Kevin Ellis

Kevin Ellis

Alliance Senior Partner, UK & Middle East, PwC United Kingdom

Hemione  Hudson

Hemione Hudson

Head of Audit, PwC United Kingdom

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