Global Economic Crime Survey 2016: The UK

Old Dogs, New Tricks

UK economic crime figures show both fraudsters and fraud schemes are maturing.

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We have been running a global economic crime survey for 15 years; over this time regulatory regimes have tightened and billions of pounds have been spent, but there has been no significant decrease in fraud.

Our 2016 results in the UK show that internal fraudsters are getting older and more senior, and more capable of circumventing the rules. They also show that the external threat is rising with perpetrators using new technologies to commit crime. So whilst most traditional frauds have fallen since 2014, cybercrime has risen dramatically, and HR and accounting fraud are also increasing.

The challenge for businesses, is to minimise the opportunities to commit economic crime, including new and emerging threats, and innovative ways to prevent, detect and respond effectively to those threats.  It’s also vital to ensure that the organisation has a culture based on strong shared values, which is supported by robust policies, and a rigorous ethics and compliance programme which is integrated into day-to-day decision-making.

Our survey this year focuses on three key issues for organisations in the UK:

1. Culture
2. Compliance
3. Cybercrime


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Over half of organisations in the UK have experienced economic crime in the past 24 months

“Whilst the SFO is not in the business of giving advice, the best ethics and anti-corruption programmes are surely those which are simply stated, inculcated by training, energetically enforced and lived by all in authority. A thick policy book, carefully lawyered but ignored in practice is as bad as no policy at all”

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