Corporate governance for Main Market and AIM Companies

The relationship between companies and their shareholders has never been more important. With an ever-increasing range of global investment options, companies need to focus on building long-term relationships with investors, founded on trust and regular communications.

In doing so, companies will maximise the full benefits of being publicly listed. Corporate governance is central to this process. We firmly believe that high standards of corporate governance make an important contribution to companies’ long-term performance.

By regularly reviewing and developing appropriate corporate governance practices, both UK and international companies on our markets can ensure they are better placed to execute their strategy, manage their growth and drive value, whatever the prevailing macro-economic conditions.

The UK’s principles-based approach to corporate governance, and the ability for companies to ‘comply or explain’, continues to deliver strong and effective governance and ensures the UK governance regime is valued and respected, importantly by both companies and investors.

Good governance and strong management have never been more important to the continued health of the UK’s capital markets.