Integrity, business ethics and the resilient organisation

During the past year it has been nigh on impossible to turn on the television, read a paper or surf the net without an organisations reputational failings being headline news. Whilst the phone hacking and banking scandals have taken up the most column inches, the emerging picture has been one of failings both culturally and systemically.

In this paper the third in a series of publications, we focus on the degree to which organisational culture, values and internal behavioural norms contribute to the risk resilience of the organisation and the relationship between business ethics, integrity and risk.

"In this paper we have brought to the fore the relationship between business ethics, integrity and risk resilience. We are currently engaging with boards and leadership teams on these very issues, with the aim of enabling organisations to challenge themselves on their purpose and alignment of their corporate strategy with personal and corporate values, that will support the creation of a risk resilient eco-system of ethics and integrity throughout their business"

Tracey Groves, Forensics Partner