Prospering in an era of uncertainty – The case for resilience

Prospering in an era of uncertainty is a thought provoking paper looking at the case for resilience – the capacity of a firm to survive and thrive in an era of uncertainty, and navigate through turbulence in the wider business environment.

Produced in association with the University of Oxford, we identify what drives resilience and how it serves the organisation in good times and bad, and identify emerging practices in leading organisations, before setting out a possible future agenda for developing resilience further.

Resilience not only helps to extend the focus beyond resistance to shocks to include responses, but it also supports longer-term thinking about new risks and opportunities. Those organisations that learn from failure and link different assets and processes through a strategic conversation will be well placed to not only exhibit resilience but exploit the opportunities.

Our Governance, Risk and Compliance team have worked with clients and academics to develop our thinking and collateral on risk and resilience in order to deliver fresh insight on approaches and tools required to managing risk in this new reality.