PwC Top 100 Aerospace companies – industry returns to profitable growth

Our annual review ranks the top 100 Aerospace companies by revenues and profitability.

This year, we’re seeing that profits for the Top 100 companies are up by over 6% over 2011. Average margins of 9.4%, the industry is levelling off at a higher level of profitability than a decade ago, reflecting the rewards of cost controls brought in during the recession.

This increased profitability also reflects consolidation in the industry, enabling an increasing number of smaller, but more profitable new entrants to join the ranks of the Top 100.

This is the 16th year we have compiled the data analysing trends, ranking growth and profit data right across the Aerospace sector.   It is the first year that Chinese and Russian companies have joined the rankings, with AVIC of China making both the revenue Top 40 and growth Top 10.