Too much data but not enough insight?

Reimagine your complex projects with Complex Project Analytics

Current industry challenges...


when it comes to the request, use, understanding and management of data.


of internal resources to maintain control and reporting.

Missed opportunity

to gain advanced insights from project and programme level data.

How we can help

Data has become a vast and rich asset that is captured on projects on a daily basis. We help clients bring this data to life by deploying analytics that are underpinned by our industry expertise and focused on their unique challenges. Our analysis is used to tell a story that clients can relate to and, more importantly, react to.

When fully embraced, Complex Project Analytics can help you to reduce costs on projects and programmes, drive improvements and insights in project delivery, identify and evidence root causes of challenge and both realise and measure benefits from your portfolio.

What are the benefits of Complex Project Analytics?

  • Ability to discover new insights from existing project data

  • Agile and quick to deploy analytical capabilities

  • Availability of new data driven insights to project owners

  • Improved client confidence in project health analysis

  • Informed new data strategies

  • Clearly evidenced analytical outputs that enable change and transformation

Where we have helped

UK defence sector
Using data to identify direct savings and turnaround actions

Following a period of inefficiency in its maintenance programmes, we analysed all key data and put in place a strategic cost reduction programme, helping to achieve £140m direct savings and increase labour outputs by 20%.

Utility provider
Enhancing control and governance to achieve significant savings to a capital programme

We conducted detailed analysis on both structured and unstructured data and helped to identify initial savings opportunities, achieving 10% saving in a follow-up 4 month project. This work also led to £1bn efficiency opportunity in the next programme delivery cycle.


“Improved use of smart technology, data and analytics offers a way forward in improving the performance of UK infrastructure and addressing the UK’s ongoing productivity deficit. In the construction and engineering sectors, it offers opportunities to address persistent challenges, leveraging previously untapped resources, improving decision making and reducing resource wastage. Fundamentally, it also offers the opportunity to improve outcomes for the end-users our sector serves.”

Institution of Civil Engineers, State of the Nation 2017: Digital Transformation

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