Too many management processes but still not in control?

Reimagine your complex projects with Digital Built Environment

Current industry challenges…

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Isolated business processes create siloed information that fails to provide a holistic view of project performance.


Technology implementation is seen as a risk and cost burden rather than a business opportunity.


Traditional management processes fail to provide sufficient insight to improve the management of projects.

How we can help

We believe that businesses should take a holistic view of technology in developing their business strategy. Boundaries can exist within organisations and “information islands” have evolved with separate technology ecosystems.

While individual ecosystems provide isolated insight - integrating key data points can generate significant value. Adopting this approach, digitising your assets, including with Business Information Modelling (BIM), is a key enabler to help improve decision-making in your business throughout the entire asset lifecycle.

What are the benefits of Digital Built Environment?

  • Focus your technology investment where it generates most value for your business

  • Generate holistic insight into the performance of your projects by aligning key processes

  • Build the data foundations that will enable you to incrementally digitise your core business processes

Where we have helped

Central Government department
Analysing and quantifying the benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM) across a portfolio of assets

Through consultations with the major UK public sector programmes, we developed the BIM benefits framework for Innovate UK/BEIS, to enable government clients to analyse and quantify the benefits of BIM across their portfolio of real estate and infrastructure assets. We then applied this framework to two major projects to quantify the economic benefits of applying BIM and inform the on-going government programme around digitising the built environment.

“The BIM model sits at the heart of any project and only functions fully if traditional design and construction barriers are broken down by multi-party liaison and working.”

Modernise or Die: The Farmer Review of the UK Construction Labour Model, 2016

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