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Current industry challenges...


Traditional commercial relationships suffer from a lack of visibility and transparency, creating distrust.


Analogue commercial management methods that prioritise short term cost, over whole life value, reduce financial and productivity efficiency.

Lack of collaboration

Old world adversarial commercial models hinder integrated and collaborative ways of working, which erodes commercial value.

How we can help

We share a vision of a new, technology-enabled world, where project owners engage with their suppliers based on value, trust, collaboration and efficiency.

We can help you increase commercial value by drawing upon innovative commercial models and approaches underpinned by new technologies including digital and smart contracts, advanced data analytics, blockchain enabled solutions and contract management tools.

What are the benefits of Digital Commercial?

  • Increased commercial value

  • Reduced costs

  • Lower commercial risk

  • Greater visibility into your contracts and supply chain

  • Smarter delivery

  • Enhanced commercial performance

Where we have helped 

Global transport company
How advanced analytics and visualisation helped support their strategic commercial negotiation

Our client was exposed to a portfolio of contract claims totalling several billions, following the construction of new transport infrastructure. Their leadership team had limited visibility of its commercial position and could not identify how its commercial team was performing in commercial negotiations across the portfolio.

Working closely with them, we developed a strategic contract closeout framework, underpinned by advanced data analytics and visualisation software using bespoke metrics, which identified the key focus areas, and reported on the performance of the commercial team’s negotiations.

This provided leadership with greater visibility of its financial exposure, provided strategic insights into key risks and opportunities, and identified where it should prioritise efforts in order to maximise value from the negotiations.


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