Reimagining Capital Projects: Podcast Series

Welcome to our podcast series Reimagining Capital Projects, where we explore how technology and innovation is changing capital projects and the wider infrastructure industry.
Throughout the series, our subject matter experts, joined by leading industry experts, will be sharing their perspectives, helping you better understand how these changes may affect you and your projects or business.
New episodes on a range of topics will be added on a regular basis, giving a short, insightful view of the latest industry trends.
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Latest episodes

Episode 6: Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence

April 2018

When it comes to digital disruption, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is arguably one of the biggest game changers for Capital Projects. With its ability to analyse data and detect even the most subtle of patterns, it has the power to revolutionise traditional approaches to the planning, management and delivery of capital projects. But what exactly is AI and what steps do our clients need to take to reap the benefits?

In our latest podcast, host Eoin Ó Murchú is joined by PwC Technology and Project Management Consultant Daniel Birch and nPlan's Co-Founder and CEO Dev Amratia. Together they discuss the opportunities and challenges of embracing AI, outline examples of how it could work in practice and emphasise what needs to happen in the sector to really take advantage of its potential to transform.

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Episode 5: Capturing Value - The Bigger Picture

March 2018

In our rapidly changing world, with a globalised population and finite resources, the expectations placed on businesses about the role they should play in society has shifted amongst stakeholders.To stay ahead understanding the value of wider societal impacts is key - but how can our clients attribute value to the traditionally "intangible" aspects (environment, community etc.) of their projects? Join us for a discussion on the importance of seeing "the bigger picture" and how innovation and smarter decision making methods can enable long term delivery success.

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Episode 4: Unlocking the potential of Blockchain

January 2018

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that has the ability to transform business; speeding up interactions, reducing operational costs and providing a secure, trusted transaction history. Providing a fixed record of the past, blockchain offers an opportunity to realise greater industry trust, transparency and collaboration. Featuring Darya Bahram of the Construction Blockchain Consortium and PwC Digital Consultants Eoin Ó Murchú and Matt Saunders, our latest podcast explores how the construction industry could unlock the potential of blockchain, enabling innovation such as SMART contracts and cryptocurrency, to disrupt industry standard contract and payment models.

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Episode 3: The Digital Opportunity

December 2017

Capital projects and the wider infrastructure and real estate sectors traditionally have low margins of return (as little as 2%), however data insight and digital enablement may offer the opportunity to radically change the landscape. In this episode we are joined by Anthony Buckley-Thorp from tech start-up, formerly of Google X, who are looking at innovative ways to exploit the ever increasing data available within the capital projects space. We discuss the industry's attitude towards digitisation and the key challenges the industry faces in the UK and further afield.

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Episode 2: The Internet of Things 

November 2017

The Internet of Things is coming to Capital Projects. Joined by Alex King from GE Digital, we explore the impact and direct benefits asset connectivity is bringing to the capital project sector. We discuss the unlikely benefits IoT has brought to agriculture, retail and manufacturing and share some insight as to how IoT will impact future capital projects.  

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Episode 1: Construction Disruption

October 2017

In this episode we consider the influence of construction technology disruption and how innovation can displace established market practices. How can the industry adapt to new business models? Are we adequately addressing the current industry gaps to meet future business challenges?

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