5G is here. Are you ready?

As the 5G era dawns, the future is exciting – and the possibilities virtually limitless.


With its unprecedented combination of superfast speeds, ultra-low latency and vastly increased capacity, 5G will fundamentally change how we all live and work. As take-up of 5G grows, it will open the way to radically new services and revolutionise traditional models across virtually all industries. From remote real-time disease monitoring in healthcare to the advent of the wireless, automated digital factory in manufacturing, 5G will help redefine the customer and employee experience and fuel the next wave of productivity improvement. 

The extent to which 5G offers increased capabilities will be dependent on a number of factors such as spectrum availability, 5G deployment time, the upgrading of existing cell sites and the building of new cell sites.

Through our 5G Thought Leadership series we focus on how 5G will transform various industries, looking at the opportunities, challenges and potential next steps businesses should be thinking about.

Transforming manufacturing

For manufacturers across the world, the Fourth Industrial Revolution – 4IR – is here today. Now 5G offers the fast, seamless connectivity needed to unleash its full potential. Manufacturers that realise this opportunity will be the industry’s future winners. Discover how 5G connectivity and 4IR technologies will transform manufacturing.


A new era in healthcare

Healthcare providers face conflicting pressures to improve patient outcomes and relieve the strain on front-line practitioners. Smart use of 5G can help them reconcile and achieve both goals. Our vision for the digital healthcare ecosystem of 2030 shows how.


Contact: Iulia Avramescu


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