China Deals

In this inaugural issue of what will become a six monthly publication, China Deals - a fresh perspective looks at China-UK/Europe deals: who is investing and why, in which sectors and countries.

We look at what makes deals happen and how that process can be improved, as well as examining the growing number of smaller deals, flowing in both directions, and in a range of sectors that are the lifeblood of China and European trade ties. We believe that these deals, big and small, will be a source of growth, jobs and innovation for years to come.

Though M&A activity is steadily growing, both Chinese and European M&A teams often face unfamiliar hurdles. There is a need for greater understanding of approval processes, strategic rationale and operational as well as cultural or political concerns for bids to be successful. Money may not be enough, even for companies keen to buy or sell. We look at how both parties can increase the chance of a good deal completed.

As competition intensifies among European countries to attract investment from China and to find attractive Chinese targets, we consider how the UK in particular can benefit from its comparatively strong performance in doing deals in - and attracting investment from – China.

As a country the UK offers the skills and industries for which Chinese investors are looking. Both countries could gain by strengthening their ties and building on their mutual experience.

Publications (other language versions):

China Deals – a new perspective (Chinese only)

China Deals – a new perspective (English only)