India Deals - taking stock of the tiger

A potential surge in M&A deals between India and Europe is on the cards.

The inaugural edition of our new publication India Deals shows that India remains at the top of investors’ lists of target markets, and Indian investors are leaders among emerging market buyers for western companies.

India Deals - taking stock of the tiger discusses the two-way M&A flow between India and Europe. Analysing deals between India and Europe over the past seven years, it looks at factors driving M&A choices by Indian and European buyers and sellers, such as often contradictory forces on valuations in the Indian market, and implications of India’s regulatory and tax reforms.

India’s investors are appearing more ready to mobilise resources when a good opportunity arises and Indian companies are using M&A not just to grow their business by entering new markets abroad, but also to seize opportunities at home. Some are acquiring brands to meet the needs of well-informed consumers with international tastes, while others are buying into state of the art technology to make the transition from low-cost to higher value manufacturing.