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A range of publications and thought leadership is available to UK entertainment and media (E&M) companies:

Imagi-Nation: Th business of creativity

We aim to show the value of the Creative Industries to the UK economy and to our nation's cultural well-being. We also hope the recommendations in our report - Imagi-Nation: The business of creativity - will go some way to helping to secure a sustainable future for our very important creative sector.


Brave new TV world

In this report we look at the changing nature of the UK television landscape. UK produced content is showcased around the globe and TV remains the most heavily consumed media. At the same time, the ways in which consumers interact with TV content and the structure of the industry itself is changing.


Reshaping Europe’s media landscape

Pinpointing the drivers of media M&A - We Analysed M&A deals across the European entertainment and media industry in 2014.


Consumer Intelligence Series - The Wearable future

There are many applications for wearable tech in enterprise and in life. It will upend the retail industry, revolutionize health care and will likely change advertising and content as we know it. But for wearables to work, they much be anchored in human centered design.
PwC's research digs into the business of wearables and the consumer attitudes and preferences that will shape the future of wearable technology.

The rise of multichannel networks: Critical capabilities for the new digital video ecosystem

Video viewing habits are evolving rapidly, not just in mature markets, but globally, and especially among younger audiences. That explains the rise of multichannel networks (MCNs) — outfits that curate their own video content and partner with video websites to distribute it.

Global entertainment and media outlook 2014-2018

Outlook is a comprehensive online source of global analysis produced annually with five-year historical and forecast data across 13 industry segments in 54 countries. The Outlook makes it easy to compare and contrast regional growth rates and consumer and advertising spend.

Profitable growth in the digital age – towards a MyMedia Company

The impact that digital is having on the Entertainment & Media industry as consumers and technology evolve.