Imagi-Nation: The business of creativity

“Creative thinking, learning-by-doing, problem-solving, and understanding that failure is success work-inprogress will give young people the mind-set to become job makers not just job seekers.”

“The Arts are as important as the sciences. It should no longer be a question of either or.”

“By further encouraging diversity and the arts, as well as sciences, the UK will remain a place where creativity flourishes.”

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This report, developed together with Ian Livingstone CBE, Entrepreneur/Creative Industries Council, looks at the health of the UK’s creative economy and pushes the creative agenda in the UK.

It provides an overview of the current state of play within the UK’s Creative Industries. It highlights their success, as well as some of the key challenges they currently face. Having read this report, the reader should appreciate the size, scale and importance of the UK’s Creative Industries.

The 7 key themes within the report have been developed across the Creative Industries over a number of years and have been refined through a series of highly engaged and informative roundtable discussions involving 50 politicians, policy-makers and key industry executives and practitioners, one-to-one meetings with additional parties and an extensive review of existing secondary research.