Understanding the media landscape


"Looking at the industry today, it’s clear that the first wave of the digital revolution is already underway, as the sector integrates digital into the conventional media operating model. We are seeing companies delivering increasingly personalised content experiences using digital as a more effective, and efficient, channel to the consumer (or at least those consumers who want such digital experiences). Beyond the hype, however, personalisation is still in its infancy. And this is exactly where most media companies are focusing their efforts."

We help media companies seize the opportunities and manage the risks that digital presents whether they are innovators or late adopters, large or small, global or local, public or private companies.

We are seeing many dramatic changes in the sector and this is only the start of the digital revolution.

  • Innovation is disruptive – and exhilarating: some of the most successful new media players are those who've challenged established business models.  How can these companies stay ahead of the next disruption and what can more established media companies do to kick start their own innovation to keep up?
  • Boundaries are blurring: mainstream technology and telecoms operators are investing in content and harnessing their huge customer bases and analytic fire power, as are some big brands too.
  • Video is usurping text: audiences want more video, and have the devices they need to watch it, even on the move.
  • The old guard is changing: traditional media companies are reinventing themselves, in some cases, not just converging, but colliding as media and tech companies move into each other’s territories.
  • Talent is transferring: Media Boards are looking for fresh insight and experience from other related sectors, or other segments of the media industry.
  • Execution is key: having a great strategy is no longer enough – you need to execute it in a focused and disciplined way.

We call this the first digital wave and it's already here!