The Currency of Collision

Turning disruption to your advantage


See beyond disruption

Seeing beyond disruption to the opportunity is what will set successful companies apart. We believe that the opportunity to harness transformation exists at the points where customer appetite and the enablers of disruption collide.

Financial services companies that can imagine a new future and harness transformation will be the ones who capitalise on the currency of collision.

Combining business understanding with technology innovation and human experience will lead to your unique competitive advantage.

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The forces enabling disruption in Financial Services

47% of UK CEOs

from the FS sector agree that AI will displace more jobs than it creates
Source: PwC CEO Survey

Technology offers the ability to deliver enhanced customer experiences, to improve insight around data and to increase productivity. Innovations, such as AI for example, come with a new set of challenges, meaning you need to source the right people and skills to deliver on its potential.


89 firms

have been through the FCA’s regulatory sandbox, which allows businesses to test innovative propositions in the market with real consumers
Source: FCA website

Offset against the desire to create a compliant yet cost-effective response to regulation is the opportunity inherent in taking a more proactive approach. Initiatives such as the FCA’s sandbox offer a way to demonstrate innovation - while also boosting trust among customers.


Investment in UK FinTech rose to a record $3.3bn in 2018, up 18% year-on-year
Source: Innovate Finance

With increased investment in FinTech and challenger banks comes an increase in options for traditional customers of incumbents, most notably in the SME space. New market entrants are already making headway with new propositions that draw on both technology and their ability to turn data into strategic insight.

44% of UK FS CEOs

mentioned an “inability to innovate effectively” as a main impact of skills shortages
Source: PwC CEO Survey

With an increasing move towards digital platforms and use of advanced technology, many financial services businesses are on the quest for a more diverse set of skills across their workforce. With top talent in high demand, you need to consider how to appeal to those who may be distracted by the allure of tech giants and their fabled workplace culture.

54% of customers

are willing to bank with multiple providers in order to find the best offer
Source: PwC Challenger banking report

With digital and online banking more commonplace, customers are no longer wedded to one provider, across a much wider range of financial products. In the quest for convenience, value and a positive customer experience, the ability to make both gains and losses, comes quickly.

Why financial services needs a new view of disruption


Disruption represents a ~£100 billion revenue opportunity

The power of peripheral vision

Why financial services businesses need to look beyond their markets to spot disruption coming.

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Disruptor or disrupted?
Turning disruption to opportunity in financial services


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PwC’s Shazia Azim (Partner, Head of Strategy and Chief Operating Officer, Financial Services) interviews Leo Johnson (Partner, Disruption Lead) to understand how businesses in the Financial Services industry can learn from the wider trends we are seeing from disruption.

Identifying opportunity in a disruptive landscape

It starts from thinking about disruption in a new way. That’s because disruption is not a single event or trend, it happens when different forces collide.


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“Seeing beyond the disruption to the opportunity will set successful companies apart”

Andrew KailLeader of Industry for Financial Services, PwC

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