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Enabling transformation through execution managed services

Whether it’s supporting you in the running of complex processes or operationally intensive programmes, or relieving you of your non-core functions by shifting them to us, we’ll allow you to concentrate on the things that matter, building a business that’s fit for the future.

In the face of rapidly changing customer expectations, new regulation and the urgency to increase productivity and reduce operating cost, the Financial Services sector is undergoing significant transformation. New operating models and execution strategies are key factors in responding to this transformation imperative.

Through the combination of our advanced technology, deep knowledge and experience, and our people getting hands-on the delivery, our execution managed services will help to enable your transformation.

Whether it’s supporting you in the running of complex process or operationally intensive programmes, or relieving you of your non-core functions by shifting them to us, we’ll allow you to concentrate on the things that matter, building a business that’s fit for the future.

Supporting key operations and critical programmes

We understand that responding to disruption rapidly and effectively is crucial for key operations and critical programmes. Whether it's burst capacity to support business critical operations, important business processes fixed, or simply want the headache of running operationally intensive non-core processes removed, we’re equipped to help. We have proven expertise supporting clients in:

  • Supporting the finance function - fielding the experts to fill gaps in your team, or to become that team.
  • Fighting financial crime - carrying out KYC/AML due diligence, sanctions screening and transaction monitoring to meet your regulatory obligations.
  • Managing your customers - providing teams trained in areas such as supporting vulnerable customers, or guiding people through complex financial complaints.
  • Screening your contracts - deploying AI technology to see that your contracts keep up when laws, regulations or your terms and conditions change.
  • Supporting your important change programmes - embedding dedicated teams of programme leaders and PMO specialists within your programme to support your critical change.

Why PwC

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We provide you with flexible and scalable solutions that can be deployed quickly to meet your burst capacity or business as usual requirements. We can help you plan and respond to changing resource demand driven by strategy or the peaks and trough nature of the work.

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We’ve invested so you don’t have to. Across our people, process and technology we provide effective solutions that address your needs in a cost efficient manner, allowing your team to focus on board priorities and opportunities.

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We can manage everything from one place. You won’t need multiple contractors for different parts of the project. Our processes are ISO-certified, and developed with our industry-leading expertise. Your project is mapped out and managed for consistent results, high quality, and to keep things on track to make sure we help you deliver.

Our execution managed services include

Contract remediation

Delivering a holistic contract remediation and client outreach solution

Organisations undertake contract remediation and client outreach campaigns as a result of economic and/or regulatory changes impacting their contractual relationships. Examples of this include Brexit, the removal of the LIBOR rate, the introduction of global standards for derivatives products and more. Key benefits of our execution managed services include:

  • Global, reusable service model – PwC’s global service model has been designed to provide an agile, scalable service that is cost-efficient and can also be leveraged for any future needs.
  • Integrated technology solution – PwC have invested in building proprietary technology that is more efficient for multi-reform programmes. This automates the processing of contracts to help minimise costs and streamline data capture.
  • Data-driven performance reporting – PwC can deliver real time, detailed reporting across the end-to-end process, empowering you to manage your outreach strategy and repapering efforts, and maintain quality and consistency.
  • Transformation of BAU – With experience of delivering large-scale transformation programmes, driven by market or regulatory pressures, we drive changes to your business model to ensure that future outreaches are robust and effective.

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Delivering your eDiscovery requirements

Data is disparate, dealing with data is expensive and failure to prepare is costly.
We are armed with the experience and technology to immediately address your discovery needs. Our forensic technology team helps clients manage vast amounts of data, whether that be electronic or legacy hard copy files, and navigate the legal and business processes that are mandated by critical events. Key benefits of our execution managed services include:

  • Diverse review teams – PwC’s Global Managed Review teams include individuals from a variety of backgrounds and industries. A global team with the right experience for each specific matter.
  • Dedicated delivery team – You will have access to a dedicated core team of experts who will act as an extension of your team, investing time in understanding your business and technology landscape.
  • Real-time reporting – Delivering real time, detailed reporting empowers you to manage a portfolio of matters, providing greater visibility of matter sizes, data volumes and eDiscovery spend.
  • Flexible and transparent pricing – PwC offers alternative pricing models, including annual subscriptions, tiered rate cards and pay-as-you‑go pricing.

Find our more about eDiscovery

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Delivering finance function requirements

For the financial services sector to be fit for the future, it must be supported by strategic finance functions which support its performance objectives.

For finance functions to become a strategic partner of the business, it must have efficient operations to discharge the day-to-day activities required of the functions without consuming significant resources. Through our dedicated team a dedicated team of qualified and/or part qualified accounting resources our execution managed services includes the following areas:

  • Accounting and monitor controls - Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger.
  • Financial planning and analysis - Budgeting and Planning, Performance Management, Reporting and Analysis.
  • Tax function activities - Compliance, Reporting, Reconciliation.

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Delivering your ongoing KYC requirements

Across the UK, organisations are playing their role in fighting financial crime, meeting “Know Your Client” (KYC) requirements and mitigating risks of Bribery, Corruption, Money Laundering, Sanctions and Tax Evasion. Clients are seeking cost effective ways in carrying out this important business function in an effective and efficient manner. Key benefits of our execution managed services include:

  • Flexible and Scalable – Our KYC Execution Managed Services can fit to the profile and scale of your requirements from a few hundred files per year to several thousands.
  • Connected to your business – Our experienced team of Policy, Process, Operations and Analysts are UK based, equipped at working remotely and responsive to your business needs, risk appetite and ways of working.
  • Cost effective – Through our already established teams, investments in technology, our KYC execution managed services is a cost effective, sustainable solution to meet your KYC requirements.

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PEP/Sanctions screening

Your PEP/Sanctions screening Execution Managed Services

Financial services firms play a critical role in the defence against financial crime. Name list screening is a significant component of any financial crime risk management strategy – being necessary to meet regulatory requirements around the identification of PEP relationships and detect relationships with sanctioned entities. Key benefits of our execution managed services include:

  • Consistent quality – Take comfort knowing proven technology and SME insight is driving your screening operation.
  • Reduced alert backlog – Your screening timelines will be improved ensuring your business is enabled to make timely informed decisions.
  • Improved cost certainty – Automation efficiency gains reduce costs by removing waste from your operation.
  • Scalable and flexible solution – Meeting your peak demand when and where your business needs it most.

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Procurement & supply chain

Delivering your Procurement / Supply Chain support needs

Typically 40% of financial services firm’s costs are with third party suppliers, which represents a significant part of the overall value chain. It is also an area that attracts significant regulatory scrutiny with requirements to comply with both EBA and FCA guidance; eg SYSC 8.1. Key benefits of our execution managed services include:

  • Cost reduction – Identify commercial insights from our SPEND methodology which will help you optimise costs and drive efficiency.
  • Reduced risk – Supplier risk assessment, due diligence and monitoring solutions to help you anticipate and mitigate inherent risks in the supply chain.
  • Operating model – Review and optimise your end to end operating model across Sourcing, P2P and Third party Risk management to ensure sustainable performance.
  • Scalable and flexible solution – Provide access to a scalable resource model that allows you to deal with increased volumes, change activity or risk remediation work.

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Programme partner

Delivering your critical programmes through extended periods of business disruption

Over two thirds of our financial services clients’ change portfolio relates to non-discretionary or regulatory programmes. In the face of significant business or organisational disruption, these important programmes must stay on track.

Programme Partner is our sustainable execution managed services that addresses your delivery disruption challenge, by providing you with experienced programme leaders, PMO specialists and leading edge delivery toolkits, all of which can be leveraged remotely. Key benefits of our execution managed services include:

  • Rapid deployment of the right expertise – In uncertain times, we understand the need to mobilise quickly. Our ready established teams are equipped and experienced in working remotely to meet your emerging needs.
  • Reduced BaU disruption – Your key people can
    re-focus on running BaU activities, engaging with programmes through
    high-value governance forums.
  • Improved cost certainty – Reduce unplanned spending by increasing the likelihood of delivering your programme first-time, on schedule.
  • Scalable solution – Across programme leadership, PMO specialists and broader technology skillsets we have the scalable and technology enabled solution to support your change requirements.

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Transaction monitoring

Delivering your transaction monitoring alert handling requirements

Financial services firms play a critical role in the front line of defense against financial crime; fraud and AML transaction monitoring being essential weapons in the armory to protect against crime and maintain regulatory compliance. However monitoring is a pain point for many, who are struggling to maintain effective and cost-efficient alert investigation operations. Key benefits of our execution managed services include:

  • Scalable and flexible solution – Allowing you to increase and decrease your operations team to fit your demands.
  • Maintain high quality standards – Our ‘Route to Competency’ accreditation approach monitors and ensures the highest standards of processing.
  • Increased efficiency – With increased staff engagement and motivation our investigators boost productivity.
  • Process and risk enhancements – By constantly reviewing the investigations process we can optimise the procedures and risk reviews.

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Our infrastructure and technology

We have a UK-based ‘near-shore’ team, Operate, with our main delivery hub in Belfast, and teams in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Beyond this, we have a large international Service Delivery Centre network, based in locations that include: Poland, India, Manila and the US.

Many of our people are out at client offices every day, working as part of their teams. If clients need people based remotely, our offices are flexible spaces, ready to adapt and change as our clients need them. We also have a proven remote working model meaning you can get support wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

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